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Having a blog means you can write about anything about the specific topic you like. For example this blog is about making money online, more focused on affiliate marketing. In the past I haven’t really thought of monetizing the blog until it started monetizing on its own over the years.

Blog posts started to rank by themselves without any backlinking of any kind or magic seo. Now that I own several small content sites I want to start monetizing them all. There is the obvious, sell ad space, put adsense, affiliate marketing content, etc. With so much writing and content, it does get over whelming for me sometimes. I have to monetize each page without really thinking too much.

Besides the obvious, you can monetize content by simply adding a small piece of code on your website which will highlight keywords for you automatically and provide you income on a CPC basis. INTENTclick allows bloggers and website owners to make money form their content by creating in text ads.

What are intext ads?

Very simple explanation, it turns keywords within your website into ads. The way this works is simple. INTENTclick crawls and analyzes the page or blog post and if it finds a keyword with a relevant ad it will automatically turn it into an ad link. Simple.

INTENTclick is a network by Kontera but focuses more on direct advertising. INTENTclick is currently open for content about making money, debt consolidation, price comparisons, business opportunities, online quotes, mortgage refinance, trading, back to school, and online earnings. Basically anything to do with make money online.

… take a look at this blog post, I have the script working in the background. Do you see the double underlined words?

If your blog focuses in any of these area, you can utilize INTENTclick to start making money almost immediately. In comparison to adsense, INTENTclick is within the content. This means as users read your content, they see a unique style link. Hover over it and it shows a relevant ad to that keyword.

With adsense or banners, they are in a fixed location and with banner blindness at an all time high, it can be hard for users to even see that specific adsense block. By the way, an advantage to full content monetization is you can utilize both Google Adsense and INTENTclick at the same time and on the same page.

… the system itself and backend.

Once you sign up as a publisher, the backend is very simple. Inside, you are presented with an overall view of your account showing you how many impressions, clicks, ctr, conversions, payout etc. Very simple detailed report with an overall graph of your progress.

One part I like about INTENTclick is the keyword report, it will show you what keywords are highlighted and clicked out. This means you can start wrapping your content on what your readers are interacting with. With this in mind, your content will be more compelling and create more interaction with your intext ads.

Again the backend is very simple, another report they provide is where the click originated from. Meaning, if they clicked on post

Optimizing and monetizing your content isn’t hard. Finding the right tools in which can help you monetize your content can be troublesome, but with INTENTclick it is simple. You register, grab your code, paste within your content site, make money, simple.

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  • Max Green

    Hi Ian

    This is Max from INTENTclick.

    Thanks for the great write up about In-text ads and INTENTclick.

    If you or your users have any questions about us please feel free to email me at max@intentclick.com.



  •  INTENTclick looks pretty cool. I might give it a try on my sites. Thanks Ian.

  • Peaceofmindllc

    Yooo like the post. So what your saying for example I have a content site that just went live 2 weeks and the keyword im using is “aveeno tinted moisturizer” that has low comp, your saying that would be the link and depending on the cpc they would. Payout?

  • Interesting. Is it available for Spanish language content?

  • not sure I will ask them and let them respond.

  • it first crawls your content and finds the best converting keyword within your content and then finds the most relevant advertorial for that keyword. if you refresh this page, it will find new keywords to highlight.

  • John Q

    sponsored post alert, sponsored post alert LOL. I been following you for a a while and your conflict of invest is growing.  Not cool recommending programs you earn from without lettin people know.  Intext ad suck and have the worst inventory ever Unless you have a get rich quick site. The best in in text links is Vibrant Media. 

  • in my opinion Infolinks is the best one I have found you may try it

  • another one of this annoying ads. yes I understand it saves advertising space as it links to specific keywords, but its annoying seen them keep popping up..  but when those number of clicks I guess I will give it try.

  • Hi Ian is this better than infolinks. What can you say.

  • I have not used infolinks in the past.. ill probably test it out on my content sites and see which performs better.

  • Great tips!  I appreciate the blog.

  • Now it is very necessary to optimize for getting good result in search engine result pages

  • Valuable point! Usually I target only sidebar, this time I’ll try it.

  • Incontent links are the best for a site and you are spot on wit it.. really nice 🙂