Top 25 Influencers in Performance Marketing


I just found out, I am on an infograph image. This image consists of the top 25 influencers in performance marketing. This infograph is base on several social stats from Klout, PeerIndex, Google mentions, etc. I am glad to be on this list and be part of the top 25 influencers in our performance space.

Looking back from the start of when I first started to where I am now, I am proud of what I have done. This proves you can be at the top with dedication and love for what you do. I definitely love this space and glad to be a top influencer in this industry. Just being categorize with these great marketers is an accomplishment in itself.

I am #20, now I am driven to be #1!

Source: Impact Radius

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  • Congratz man, you definitely deserve it! I remember back in 2007 stumbling upon you on MySpace.  and seen these digital product you were pushing on the page. I was graceful to connect with you because I was something I prayed for to meet likewise people with the same type of mindset, Internet marketing, business owners and entrepreneurs.  I have also met a handful of very influential people myself thanks to you cuz. I can definitely testify as a witness to your success from 2007 and to where you are now.

    My business experience on the Internet was first a small business owner pushing tangible product into people’s hands in late 2002. Than later I gotten into the whole Internet and affiliate marketing thing about 2004.

    I also stop by your blog every once in a while to read some updates.  I can say I’ve learned a dozen things and more reading your personal case studies and especially the one’s stressing the fact of how important data is.

    Stay Blessed!

  • Mike P

    congrats brotha!

  • Anonymous

    Weird list (and I’m on it too). I’m not even sure some of the people are really in “performance marketing”

  • Pretty good list. I agree with some of it, congrats on making it. Not really sure how I feel about the John Chow’s and whatnot being at the top. they might be able to influence newbies but I don’t see him providing that much value to a seasoned marketer. 

  • ageeded there are some that I questioned. for me to even be on there is humbling in itself.