Why Do Clickbank Info Marketers Suck So Much at Marketing?



This is a rambling…

I consistently get tons of email and skype request from info marketers asking me to promote their products. The problem is I have a very well respected list and I want to keep it that way. So I try not to push garbage to my list, as I do not want to be consistently pitched to myself.

The reason for this post is because it is sad to see in the “Make Money Online”

But there are some I respect a lot and I look up to, for example Joel Comm is one of the first person I followed when I started in the online world and his view points are very similar to mine. When it came to internet marketing he also noticed a trend that has been happening and the reason for this post.

He realized that it is becoming a trend, “Launch Coaches” are rapidly growing and launching just make money online products. I personally hate these launches, though I have my own launch – its not hype and its all strategy and experience I show. I don’t do a car salesman pitch and I market my own product instead of depending on people!

That shows that I can actually market my products and others!

The terrible truth about these MMO Guys

They honestly can’t market anything else. This is one of the reason why I love affiliate marketing, we take any niche and profit. We can scale and this product launch guys can’t. It is a known fact! Out of the many Clickbank Info marketers out there that sells make money online products, they personally do not do their tactic because they made so much money on their launch – they just relax.

These guys are strictly sales man and they are good at it, they can sell water to a fish already living in it. That is how good they are. These guys also do not even create their own product, they find users who need to launch a product and put their name on it. Branding themselves and ofcourse the other user.

Also, if you take these guys out of their comfort zone, they are not able to market anything else except to gullible users in teh MMO space. The reason is because they are dependent on their networks list. If they step out of that network of MMO guys who will mail for their launch, they are clueless on what to do.

Put these guys in a dating niche, green niche, a outdoor sports niche, they won’t do it. The reason is because they know their own marketing strategy will not work. These Clickbank info guys strategies is all about getting on their knees and doing whatever it takes, probably even taking it at the same time.

Even product launch guys will not do it because their network is in the MMO space only. Pathetic. They can’t launch a product outside the MMO because their launch is dependent on their MMO network. Sad.

Last reason I hate these Clickbank guys is because they do not care about their end user base, they whore out their list and then grow another list from a new launch, whore it out and then grow it again. It is a cycle of list whoring. Theses guys create products because it is easy in the MMO niche. The sad part is they don’t care about their end user. They whore out their list out so much just so they can be in good terms with someone that has a bigger list.

Once that list has been dried out, they launch another product and get a new set of users to whore out.

But there are some people in the space I do appreciate, they create 1-2 products and cater their products around their members and end users. They have a business! These Clickbank marketers are real marketers and want to see other users succeed online, they make money off their end users but they are giving a lot back by just showing them the right way to make money online.

Product launches are cool but not caring at all for the end user and promising overnight success just bothers me. The reason I have this rambling is because I am annoyed at some of the end users who ask me to promote their products but when I do talk to them, they can’t even tell me a viable strategy to their product.

… don’t always believe the hype. Just rambling along…

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  • Amen to that.

    Talking about product launch in the Make Money Online niche, I recently had a lot of fun with the launch of “Magic Bullet System 2.0”. I have nothing against Amish as I don’t know him. I have nothing against this system except the fact that it’s another “become a millionaire overnight” product.

    All the “serious” people in this industry (and by that I mean people who would not sell their own mother to make some extra cash) have been telling for years (if not decades) that there is no magic bullet to become successful overnight…

    Hence the irony of this product name…

    If you are truly willing to buy an info product, don’t get your panties all wet after watching the video presentation. Take 1 day or 2 to read some unbiased/uncommissioned/honest reviews before buying.

  • Well I guess this will be awkward when I ask you to mail for my WP MMO Dominator launch by Chris “the google terrorist” Campbell

  • Hey Ian – Yeah, the Make Money Online space has a lot of sketchy products in it. There are some good info products on affiliate and online marketing out there (like yours), but they get overshadowed by a lot of worthless junk. But, so long as there are newbies willing to give money to someone who says they have the secret to easy internet riches, the lousy products will keep on coming.

    I do know a number of info product marketers who are great at what they do and actually focus on delivering valuable content to their customers (one guy in particular in the green energy space comes to mind). These guys are looking to build long-term relationships with their customers, so selling them junk that doesn’t actually have any value defeats the purpose.

    But, unfortunately not everyone is interested in building a long-lasting, quality business. For a lot of the shady guys, it is just about making a quick buck and moving on.

  • Lol…
    That was so hilarious but so very true.. All MMO and Weight loss product owners at CB knows almost nothing.. They’re all crap and smell like my dog poop

    Thanks for this awesome video so that people dont join CB ever

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  • Yes, internet now a days is becoming junk. For eg: before couple of years I was receiving a maximum of 5 emails a day, but today I am receiving more than 20 emails a day. This is absolutely ridiculous.

  • BRAVO!!! I think the problem is there is really no barrier to entry. Hence no filter. I don’t think a lot of the products are sold with the intent of truly be helping people. They are done only to make money. I understand we are in this to make money but when the sole purpose of the endeavor is to seperate people from their money, the quality of the product suffers as well as the longevity.

  • Thanks for the great post Ian! I think one of the biggest misconceptions about making money online is that it is super easy in the sense that it can happen over night. Sure, it’s easy but as you said – with a lot of hard work testing and dedication!

  • Hey man came across your blog randomly and watched the vide, to be quite honest I’m not much of a reader so I’m glad you threw that video was up there or I would have skurrrted out! Haha anyways I like the user interface of your blog, it’s super easy to access and user friendly so good job on that!

    Who did your website?

    Any who MMO marketers should be able to market ANYTHING if they are truly good enough. You can usually tell a good product from a bad product just by the sales page! e.g. the testimonials, colors used, call-to-actions..when you x out if there’s an upsell that gives you a better deal. etc. If you see that then you know you’re dealing with a good product and most importantly someone who knows their stuff!

    I totally agree with you when you say that most people just want that “push one button and make money” system but it’s just not going to happen. If that were true then we’d all have six pack abs and be in shape, have beds made of benjamins with silk sheets and drive Ferrari’s, but that’s just not the case! Maybe in the next life eh?

    There are great systems out there that actually work but people just want it all handed to them at the ease of a button, the first step is the easiest, it’s like you feel accomplished for just buying the product and expect that everythings going to work out for you, but then you realize that it takes a bit of work and testing and failing and you get discouraged. If people would just follow the system, pull that doubt out of there ass and hustle and get it done, they would definitely see results.

    Now as far as Adam Horwitz goes, I think the guy paints the picture really well but from different marketers that I’ve talked to his Mobile Monopoly system was just marketed very well, the system however didn’t really work that much (just saying form word of mouth) from what I’ve heard and read.

    Here’s what happened. He built his credibility up really well and built his online community. Sharing hsi knowledge of internet marketing and mmo, then said he was going to launch a product soon. Kept his audience engaged with great FREE information, all along the way building relationships with other people who had massive lists!

    THEN…once he’d built his community enough to a substantial amount of followers, and built his own list up by giving away free content, and also by building relationships with other marketers with huge lists, he launched his product, everyone promoted for him..and HE GOT PAID. Did Mobile Monopoly actually work? For me I can’t personally say but again from word of mouth through the grapevine I heard it didn’t. Now all Adam does is testimonials for other people’s products. He’s a young guy..I think I might be like 1 or 2 years older than him so I can really speak for both of us when I say that we really still don’t know it all.

    Sure he’s done it, but is he really building a business model? Or is he just in it to make the quick sale? Again he paints the picture really well with his Audi and iMac in every thing that he does..living in Southern California by the beach, etc..you catch my drift.

    anyways just like you I’m rambling on

    thanks for the post, glad I could be a part of it, I’ll be sure to stop by more often!


    I’m always in the kitchen
    -Chris Alta

  • Anonymous

    nice rambling.. I got a designer doing the design then my programmer coded it up. and your right MMO marketers should be able to market anything, reason why I love the aff industry. taught me a lot

  • Sweet man most definitely..I’m actually at Borders right now reading up Tim Ferriss 4-Hour-Work Week..really great book soo far..about 60 pages in of about 375 so I’ll be here a while. Decided to take a break and follow up on the community though!

    Yeah mmo marketers should be able to market anything. If lists didn’t exist I wonder how many of them would be willing to put in the time and effort to actually care enough to talk to each person individually and build a relationship you know? I don’t think we’d see too many big players if that were the case.

    Good stuff though man I’ll be stopping by more often, have a good weekend!


    I’m always in the kitchen
    -Chris Alta

  • Charles

    Hi Ian,
    Great stuff as always!