Affiliate Marketing Forum Battle: Stack that Money


The other day, I posted about Aff Playbook. Today I am going to be talking about the Stack that Money forum! I made this video too while watching the OKC vs Heat game as well, grind out. Anyways, this forum is about I think just over a year old and consists of Besmir from AffExpert Tools, Mr. Green, and Stack himself.

The team started this community because they wanted to help others and create a community with like minded users. If you ever read Stack that Money blog or Mr Green’s blog, you know they have amazing case studies and tactics. They wanted to take this concept and turn it into a paid community.

Below is an overview of the forum.

read their case studies

  1. Community: This community is very well rounded. You have more of the veterans here. I also want to say it feels more users in this community are already making money but want to scale out their skills and grow further and branch out into new traffic sources. There are affiliates in this community who are now network owners, advertisers, lead brokers, etc. This means the advice being provided are from users who have a lot of experience in the space and are willing to share with the members of Stack that Money because it is a closed community. Only paying members can see their advice they are providing to the members of the Stack that Money Forum.
  2. Content: There is a lot of good content in here. Again, veterans and users who are already making money are part of this forum and their strategies are bar none. They also have some beginners content in here as well, where you can simply read on how to start a campaign. You will see great case studies on POF as well and even Facebook. One aspect I like, which is explained in the video are some of the sections. For example, this forum community is meant for growth. If you are an affiliate and you become an advertiser of some sort – you can speak out. So there are some sections meant for more advanced and vetaran marketers in this forum. Which I like a lot. They also have a ton of Follow Along threads. These threads are actual members posting their strategies and getting feedback from the community, this is a powerful piece which I am in a lot.
  3. Tools: AffExpert are the tools for the Stack that Money forum. I have utilized their tools prior to STM and I enjoy their tools. The tools within Affexpert/STM are unique to STM. This also holds true for the tools at Aff Playbook, they are unique to Aff Playbook. This is what makes both forums unique. At Stack that Money, they have some tools which are used for and specifically for Plenty of Fish. This tool is amazing as I can see what ads are profitable with what combinations of ad copy and creatives. They also have other tools that are great towards to PPV traffic and traditional Adwords traffic. There needs to be some updates to the other tools, but its tool I rarely use. Other than that minor adjustment, the tools are well played for PPV, Social, and Adwords.
  4. Pricing: This forum is $99 a month. It is 30$ more than Aff Playbook but again it has a community of veterans. You get the private community and the tools once you register. If you are thinking that it is a bit much, then you are not at the level to which you should be to join. This forum is straight forward and are for users who have already done something, started something, tried traffic, made some income (even if its in the negatives), for users who are hungry.

If you want to scale up and get more hardcore advice then this is the forum. Stack that Money is one great community and with the help from Stack, Mr Green, and Besmir, you will learn something which can immediately scale your current campaign. If not they are great guys to hang with and talk to about business in general. The key is to actually take the step, everyone in this forum actually took the first step but need further assistance.

The user base is not just people who want to know, but people who want to do. This is why I think the Stack that Money forum is great because there are a lot of users who are putting themselves out with their own campaign and intaking the advice being provided by the community.

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  • Kory


    thanks for your great sharing!

  • Aholdstrom

    I was a member for a month but it wasn’t worth it to continue. At first it seems like there’s a lot of successful affiliates and information but most of the ‘details’ are pretty weak.

  • Uncle Dolan

    @a95fd461f69de8712fa06d65f7fa31d4:disqus  I think the details are good enough. You can’t expect someone to share everything on a forum. People would just rip it off 100% and then no1 would make money.
    There are a lot of ppv campaigns where they show you everything except the targeting. I would say that’s more than enough to get a good campaign rollin’

  • Hypercpa

    STM ftw best “ballin” guides for affiliates on the net. Plus there is a real nice community feel

  • Stef

    It was great in 2011. These days the forum is very quiet though…

  • Sam

    STM is wickedfire 2.0

  • Min En

    Hey Ian, are you going to be doing one for IMGrind?

  • Phong Gt3

    I joined not too long ago. I thought it was kind of odd that some of the success stories in there were from the same stories already posted in affplaybook. Are they paying affplaybook members to post their success stories in STM? Who knows. Kinda fishy though.

  • hey… sorry it took me a while. I do not have access to IMgrind but Ruck and Ryan are def strong players as well