Facebook Getting Rid of Their Ad Platform, New Rollout


Update: this is true and will be rolling out in March. Right now they are planning to get rid of small budget advertisers and Facebook Premium Ads will be sending out requests forms to advertisers.

I am an avid advertiser on Facebook and I try to keep up with the news on the platforms I advertise on. I just found out about that Facebook will be phasing out their Classic ads. I am not sure how true this is, but the word is that their new Premium Ad service will perform 40-80 percent better.

Here is a slide I found on Slideshare about it…

As I know as of right now, 9:22pm/2.21.2012, there are going to be several new changes and enhancements. One aspect I like is somewhat different aspect of the image size from 75 * 75 to 168 * 128 – a change from the traditional 107 * 80. There are also going to be different ad variations too from video to questions and events to status updates.

I think the goal of Facebook new ad platform is to create a more social interaction type of a community, where users actually interact with ads. For example, to really utilize the new ad platform you would need to have a current Fan Page. The reason is because a status update can be used to advertise as well as poll questions. Interesting.

As far as reporting and more flexibility on day parting or even frequency cap, I do not know. I do not even know how true this is as I can not find anything on Facebook blog or the major Facebook bloggers such as allfacebook.com. Once I receive an official email from Facebook Ads about this new change, I will simply ignore my discovery.

… but if it is true, then I can’t wait to test some of the new features out.

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  • Eric Souza

    Very interesting! Way to stay ahead of the curve and keep us informed.

  • Mike Kerry

    This is interesting, thanks for sharing bro!

  • Vinay

    What do they mean by getting rid of “small advertisers”? Banhammer?

  • Vinay

    I think they want just big advertisers because they want them to utilize their fan page more. small advertisers are probably ones that can’t spend several thousand a day. I am still uncertain who are small advertisers – mom and pop shops, affiliates vs high spend affiliates, not certain. I think they want to get bigger corporations to do more

  • no doubt bro!

  • Interesting, I would love to be able to segregate ads more, and it will be interesting to see how this affects their rollout of the mobile ads they will be offering.

  • Jake

    From what I can deduce from your posted slideshow, this only affects premium sponsored ads.  Standard and  marketplace ads aren’t affected.

    Am I missing something?  Where are you seeing this “get rid of small budget advertisers” part from?

  • Asdf

    I really doubt they would phase out small mom and pop shops since small local businesses account for over 50% of their revenue. Sponsored ads have been around for a long time and they’ve only been offered to big branders, this will not affect affiliates much.

  • Awesome, ye i read about it before a week and now after read your post it makes my concept more clear about this new update, it is very interesting and attractive as well.

  • One thing is very impressive from facebook is that they always think better and try to introduce something new for their users. Because they don’t want that facebook user feel boring on this great social media site.