One Month of my SEO and my Results


Well, technically not me persay but my SEO person who does all the hard work. After the Ads4Dough Meetup, I headed over to Seattle to host a small meetup. I met up with friends in the industry, one particular, Logan Thompson. He does SEO and he loves it for some apparent reason, me on the other hand – I have no patience for it. I showed him some of my rankings for several keywords and he seems to be impressed with what my SEO person has done within a month.

For example, the screenshot below is a month worth of organic rankings:

So in the beginning our internal SEO person started very strong. We did a bit of ‘dancing’ for a day or two but spiked up to page one for a key term and ranked on the second page. As you can see we were stable for the rest of the month. I told my SEO person to go ahead and make me number one, he said not until the next month.

He has a strong strategy and he does not rush the building of the links because then Google will see these backlinks in such a short amount of time which then I can be penalized. Being penalized in Google’s eye isn’t good because your site can get banned or you drop in rankings. Since I am on the second page, I am satisfied so far and I am looking at how my next month will be for this particular keyword.

As far as income, it only generated $100 of affiliate income. Not too pretty being that I am still on the second page for this keyword. I wonder if 1st page truly does make a difference and if  number 1 also does increase in huge sales.

For example, this blog by itself ranks pretty naturally for a lot of key terms and I do make affiliate income from these products I discuss and review. I am all about SEO, the only part is it did take a long time. Maybe Google sees this blog as an augmentative blog among others and ranks me higher, maybe the age of the blog, content surrounding the ranked content maybe? I am not sure, as I am not an expert in this organic stuff.

What I do know it does bring traffic and it does generate income. It just takes time. While my internal SEO person is doing the SEO rankings, I can concentrate on my other projects and campaigns.

In the end I am trying to get this specific blog to be making at least $1000. I also have about 25 other sites he is working on as well and I want them to be making $1000 a month as well. Right now, making $100 a month isn’t too bad. I def want to get these sites to do bigger volume and generate bigger income.

The goal is to turn these small sites into authoritative sites. If I can start benefiting off the SEO and then generating leads, then producing my own products for them, adding contextual ads, private banner buys, etc. Then this means that $1000 a month can be more over time and that is what I am looking for. I want to create something I can have for years to come, this is the reason why I am now all about having and owning something that is mine.

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  • Daniel Engler

    Care to share who your internal guy is?  haha.  I need SEO help desperately!  you can subcontract him and make some $$ off it…

  • hey Daniel. he is local to Jersey – he came to my meetup and I decided to take him in as part of my team. let me see what he says, send me an email

  • You know you love SEO Ian. Best of luck getting to #1. And yes, you need to move to the west coast. It was great seeing you.

  • Ryan

    Interesting post on what brings income and traffic!  Thanks

  • SEO is a long-term gig. It depends on the niche you are in (trying to crack), but it can take years to reach page one for specific core search terms. Links play a BIG role in ranking, but it’s the quality of those links that matter. A handful of high quality links can be more powerful than a million low quality links. Remember quality, not quantity and you will save yourself a lot of wasted time and money. (: Peace!

  • Daniel Engler

    I hit you back on your contact form.  Let me know if you got it.  Thanks!