Introduction to Content Locking, the Basics


If you’re an avid reader of Ian’s blog, I am sure that you have experience with the popular offer promotion methods used in affiliate marketing today (i.e. PPC, display, email). However, if you haven’t tried content locking yet, you’re missing out on a chance to easily increase your earnings. Content locking consistently provides a higher ROI than most of the methods listed above, works with almost any niche and content type, and is one of the quickest offer promotion methods to learn in affiliate marketing.

We know that you’re grinding day and night. Therefore, the information below is designed to save you time by providing you with a basic introduction to content locking. Hopefully, this information will peak your interest enough, that you’ll consider adding content locking into your promotional method arsenal.

What is Content Locking?

Content locking functions like a bridge toll. Before you can gain access to what’s on the other side of the bridge, you have to pay a toll. Once the toll is collected, you gain access to the areas on the other side of the bridge.

Content locking allows you to essentially add a “toll booth” to your content (article, song, file, video, app etc.) and collect a “toll” once a user decides to access that content. This “toll” comes in the form of a user completing a specified action, such as completing an advertiser sponsored offer. Once the action is completed, the user is granted access to the content through a tool called a content gateway, and you then receive a commission. Content locking offers are often of no-cost to the user and of high converting formats, such as email submits and free installs.

How Effective is Content Locking?

Historically, content locking ROIs have blown away traditional promotional methods on our network. For example, we have seen our content gateways consistently out produce promotion with AdSense for premium content. On average, pubs using content locking have eCPMs in the US around $30-$80+, versus $4-5 when using AdSense.

How Can I Get Started?

Content locking works with almost any type of content that you can produce (and that your users value). The first step in getting started is to choose a niche and decide what type of content you want to lock. Perhaps you have a coupon site? Locking exclusive coupon codes can generate some additional revenue. Created a Pinterest guide? Locking access to the last few pages should be an easy money maker, once someone is deep into the guide. Developed a new productivity app? Let users access a free version and then lock access to more advanced features. Love to game? More and more affiliates are generating serious revenue by locking game cheats and hacks. Basically, whatever types of content that your users find valuable, is the right content for you to lock!

Once you’ve chosen a niche and content type, you then need to find offers that will convert. Fortunately, our gateways feature our current highest EPC offers. Therefore, unless you need a specific offer, you are ready to rock!

Finally, you will need to find a traffic source. Traffic generation methods for content locking include the “usual suspects” of traditional offer promotion, such as PPC or display ads, or free sources such as organic social marketing and SEO.

About the Author:

2b35f0fFehzan Ali is the co-founder and CEO of Adscend Media. Founded in 2009, Adscend Media is a leader in the online advertising space, focused on developing innovative, turnkey digital content monetization solutions. The company’s flagship solution is the Content Gateway technology. For more information on Adscend Media, visit:

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  • Clarencec

    Are we trying to build back links here Fehzan lol.   It’s not called Content locking, it’s call a Pay wall.    It’s a good system for premier content, but don’t get to big in a niche, a competitor will pop up giving it away free and take your entire market.  “I’ll be that competitor”. 

  • Loti

    I never understood it before really. Would you recommend content locking a photography site?

  • Clarencec, 
    What will a competitor give away for free? Our content locking tool is completely free. It is also different from your traditional paywall, however we also offer a paywall (virtual rewards) technology as well. 

    Best of luck in your endeavors. 

  • Hey Loti, 

    Please email us at support@adscendmedia:disqus .com and we’ll get in touch with you with more information about content locking and how you can use it. 

  • John Rampton

    Killer article.  Content locking has been pretty awesome for me these past couple months.

  • it depends.. I find it more worthwhile on more heavier dependent niches, like movies or like games. I had an angry birds video site with a content locking system on it.

  • Jeremy

    It works best if you have something unique and more valuable.  For example, a Photoshop or photography tutorial. Or specific photos/artwork/graphics that someone may be looking to use as a stock photo. Stock photo sites sell content like this, so you could content-lock it just the same. But just locking general-interest photos that you’ve taken, even if they are good, may not work so well.

  • Very good website full of interesting content and comments. Thanks for your efforts.

  • Thannks man! I had no idea what content locking was!

  • Sahil Dubb

    Nice article . it helps a alot
    thanks again 🙂

  • fliu

    Love it, great info. Once search and i found it so i will commet on it.

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  • Vicky Mendivil Fuster

    hey John, lets start running some content locking campaigns together !! please feel free to add me on Skype: vicky.mendivil1 See you there !! 😉

  • Jan Diman

    Great article outline the overall strategy of content locking success, however i think the new adscendmedia offer wall is Strong opportunity to make money from incentive traffic
    Thanks Fehzan Ali