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Quickly Create a Coupon Website with this WordPress Theme

WordPress is an amazing platform. You essentially can turn it into anything you want instead of a traditional blog or website. Some simply post contents and articles based on their interests, but some maximize its marketing power to create something that allows them to earn money as well. For me, I have several sites besides this blog which […]

Are You Watching & Monitoring Your Affiliate Links?

OfferSnitch is out and it has gotten better and looks much better as well. I released this tool last year at ad-tech San Fran and it started getting some buzz. So I decided this is a tool that is needed in the industry and which is needed to help protect affiliates. The biggest problem and […]

Big Tracking Update – Bevo Media Exchange Released

Bevo Media has recently launch The Bevo Media Exchange, which is the latest version of their interface. Everything is updated and revamped from the technology to the design. Bevo Media has worked hard to become the most user friendly and most accurate tracking solution available to affiliates. Bevo’s new platform introduces an array of new […]

EngageBDR – Self Serving Convenience in RTB

One of the most exciting recent trends in advertising is the advent of self serve models. These models allow firms absolute control in creating their own ad campaigns. As this model has continued gaining popularity, advertising has already shown as significant jump in quality. And that’s precisely what prompted Engage:BDRto recently release its new RTB […]

Lead King Party at LeadsCon

LeadsCon is next week February 28-29th. It will be held at the Mirage Hotel and Casino. Unfortunately I will not be attending as I have other priorities to take of. I have been to LeadsCon in NY and the atmosphere is different from an Affiliate Summit but it is still worth it to go. But […]

A HUGE Advantage for Display and Mobile Marketers

As a marketer you want to stay on top of the competition and also know what they are doing. Data is an important part of our industry and organizing the immense data that is out there can be a pain. In the past I have been using multiple tools to help with my online advertising […]

SOPA, Washing the Internet with Government SOAP

First, watch this video below about what SOPA (Stop Online Piracy Act) is about. It is about 21 minutes but has a lot of good information. I was not that all interested in SOPA because I thought it was just about piracy sites. I was wrong. When I saw this video it put a lot […]

Review: Revisiting Adoori’s Pop Under Traffic

In the beginning of the year I talked about utilizing a new PPV traffic source called Adoori. With a small budget I was able to get a ton of impressions and utilize the network for some good conversions. I am writing this post now as a full review to their CPM pop under traffic. Since […]

Optimize your Blog Content with In-Text Ads

Having a blog means you can write about anything about the specific topic you like. For example this blog is about making money online, more focused on affiliate marketing. In the past I haven’t really thought of monetizing the blog until it started monetizing on its own over the years. Blog posts started to rank […]

Uncover Performing Ad Placements and Banner Creatives

Doing media buys can be time consuming. I know one issue I have is finding the right site to advertise on. You have to literally do the demo research on the site and find out if they will fit your affiliate offer. Then you have to either come up with a good landing page and […]