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Competing with my SEO Keywords with PPC

I noticed something in the past 2 days. Keywords that are being generated via a website and an offer that relates to those keywords, which I am currently running. As you know keywords are generated everyday, brand new ones are generated everyday. There is no way a company or software that can give you the […]

PhotoBucket Might Empty Me Out

After my workout this morning and reading my RSS, I look over to my email and see this email from PhotoBucket. Now I use photobucket for my image hosting. When I was on a shared hosting I didn’t want server load time to be down because of images, so I used external hosting to manage […]

Why Other DOT WHATEVERs Will Fail

So yesterday .ME came out and it seems only GoDaddy was the only provider of the domain. Others were even having some issues with .ME registrations. ShoeMoney had multiple issues with his domains and everyone on twitter was expressing their feelings as well. I was all about .ME because it brings personality to a domain […]

Earnings Screenshot Kills your Database

Not too sure what happened the other day when my database just decided to blow up and not produce anything to my readers. Yesterday my blog was bombarded with traffic because of one specific post. Several traffic sources resulted into it and I my database just decided to give up. I was going to update […]

Grab a Seperate Credit Card for Your Business

PPC is almost like a rush to me. It keeps me on my toes and I am looking towards my stats at the end of the day. I don’t obsess with my stats but I do anticipate to it when it is time to view them. After realizing my spending and earnings from last month, […]

Podcasting for the Beginners

Recently I have started another sort of media broadcast other than video. I recently did 2 interviews with 2 great people on PPC Marketing and Being Passionate about your Niche. Both these interviews were not my standard email interviews. I actually spoke to these people live and we had a great discussion and interview. I […]

Third Party Services vs Professional

This weekend was really hectic for me. I wanted to create 2 websites this weekend and merge my auto responder service to Aweber. The 2 websites were not that much of a hassle, they were just landing pages for my PPC campaigns. The merging of my old service to Aweber was the annoyance. This showed […]

Your Affiliate Manager is your WORST Enemy

Isn’t your affiliate manager supposed to be your best friend? Always there helping you and getting your issues resolved in a timely manner? Maybe even giving you advice and troubleshooting your campaigns and creative. But some (generalizing) maybe just lazy and maybe do not even know what they are talking about. Worst, they probably will […]

Back on the Grind: 1 Week of PPC Stats

Yay, I made it through my first week. Since getting back on my grind I have done pretty well in PPC. I have even showed you my 1 day result after getting back on the grind as well. I think I did pretty well with my 1 week stats, especially getting back to the swing […]

Sorry! Issues with Database Today!

Sorry! Sorry! My site was down or super slow because of my database messing up. It took me all of today to figure out what was wrong and what the hell happened. Also I was on the phone with my host for a useless hour – they didn’t know what they were doing. I love […]