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The REAL Reason your Campaign Conversions have Tanked

We’ve all been there – You’ve been working on a campaign for several weeks, iteratively improving each of your creatives, step by step, on your way to the “optimal” conversion path.  Then one day your predictably improving conversion rates, and EPCs, take a dive straight towards Mother Earth.  But, it might not be caused by […]

3 Ways to Utilize POF’s New Targeting Feature

Thanks for the opportunity to write here Ian! This post is mostly geared towards the best way to use POF’s newest targeting option. ** We’ve since added the ability to target the viewer’s age as some offers will only take leads from certain age groups. There are 3 main ways for dating that I think […]

How to Increase CTRs for your POF and Facebook Campaigns

Click through rates are one of the most crucial indicators of the success of a banner ad. The higher percentage you achieve, the more successful your online campaign ad is. The more clicks you receive, the more people became interested in the advertisement as well as low cpc. One great factor to significantly increase CTR […]

Pinterest WordPress Theme, Create Your Own Niche Pin Sites

It is evident today that many web users have been really interested with Pinterest. Web experts noticed it to be the fastest growing image-sharing network today. Hence, it is discovered to be an amazing tool for avid social media users to drive traffic to websites. Users can present and display a multitude of media formats […]

Explosion of Heat on my Own eMail Submit Offer

Happy 4th of July, strange it is on a Wednesday. Sorry for the lack of posts, I have been busy creating my own offers lately. The content on the blog has been a bit slow. Today on fourth of July, I figured I would show you a heatmap for one of my offers and what […]

Seattle Meetup: 10k Spend a Month, Campaign Exposed

A while back I stated I was heading to Seattle after the Ads4Dough Meetup in San Diego. I went ahead and hangout with my cousin and niece for the weekend. Prior to all this I setup a meetup in Seattle at the HasOffers office to do my own mini meetup. I posted the event on […]

Speed Up Your Blog, Satisfy Your Readers

A while back I added a new plugin on my site. It helps with the speed of my blog and the load time of it. Since there is a lot of media on my site with pictures, video, js snippets, etc – I wanted my site to perform well and make sure a lot of […]

How to Capture all Local Traffic from Google Adwords

There are ways to use Google Adwords with local advertising and local traffic. With the new map roll (geo targeting) out for Google Adwords, there are somethings that I kinda missed from the old version of Adwords. Especially when it comes to geo targeting an area. With the new geo targeting interface, you enter a city […]

Optimize your Blog Content with In-Text Ads

Having a blog means you can write about anything about the specific topic you like. For example this blog is about making money online, more focused on affiliate marketing. In the past I haven’t really thought of monetizing the blog until it started monetizing on its own over the years. Blog posts started to rank […]

How to Redirect Mobile Traffic to a Mobile Friendly Page

I was talking to a good marketing friend of mine and he showed me his new product page. I was on my cell phone so I decided to check it out on my iPhone. There were several problems with it, one being it was not mobile friendly. It was one big issue and lucky for […]