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Sorry, I was Lagging Behind…

I just want to take this opportunity to say thanks to my readers who were still reading my blog even though it has been lagging the past couple days, almost 20 seconds before it loaded. As you know I have been going through some server changes and had issues with domain stuff. I finally have […]

Interviewing an Intern? Don’t Act So Cool.

Today, I went to a local event at Rutgers University for employers. It was to help put insight on how to utilize colleges to use student services to find interns or employees for small business. The session was small only housed about 20 or less employers and gave an overview of how Rutgers specifically handles […]

Sneak Peak of the Clickbooth Office: Old and New

Before affiliate summit west 2010, I took a mini vacation to Orlando. It was my little nephew’s bday and I decided to just go visit him. Plus it was too cold in NJ that i needed some sun in my life. Well I traveled to Orlando and found out it was cold there too! But […]

A Quick 24 Hours with Elite Clicks Media

Late last week I was in Florida to get away from this grazzy Jersey weather. Ryan from Elite Clicks Media has gotten in contact with me at Ad-Tech NY and followed up with me after. He mentioned he wanted to get me out to Florida to meetup with his team and his new partner, Kevin […]

Thank You from Ian Fernando

This post is just a thank you post to several people and networks at Ad Tech that I met up. Usually I wrap up conferences or trade shows with 1 post. But there was a lot going on and I wanted to make sure I pointed out to certain people and networks instead of just […]

The Art of Bum Marketing, Cali Style

…I want to share with you my overall trip to Cali when I got there. I arrived in Cali a couple days before Share a Sale Think Tank 09. I decided to hangout in San Diego and enjoy the sun for a couple days. I got a beach house for just the 3 days I […]

Live Like A Super Affiliate Charity Contest

It is always great to give back to the community if it is information on how to grow your business, giving a 5 dollar tip to the person that pumps your gas, or if you want to donate to a charity of your choice. Clickbooth is hosting a contest to help out charities with a […]

Baseball Outing with Media Whiz Network

Yesterday I was out all day and it was a fun and entertaining day. Also it was my first time at baseball game. Let me tell you it was interesting. So early morning I got ready to head out to NY, where their office is located. It was fairly easy to find, the traffic in […]

Convert2Media is Gangsterlicious!

While I was in Florida, I had the opportunity to meetup with several affiliate networks, one being Convert2Media. If you know who Ralph Ruckman or Ruck, then you know he has a killer network called Convert2Media. Him and his team have exploded in the affiliate marketing industry by helping many affiliates make money online via […]

Back from Florida, Search Engine Strategies Tomorrow!

I arrived from Florida early this morning, like 9:30am! I had about 3 hours of sleep becauseĀ  ended up going out to drink for a couple hours then headed out to the airport at 4:45am! Damn! Well Florida was great and amazing, the only reason why I went down to Florida was because Jersey is […]