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Sneak Peak of the Clickbooth Office: Old and New

Before affiliate summit west 2010, I took a mini vacation to Orlando. It was my little nephew’s bday and I decided to just go visit him. Plus it was too cold in NJ that i needed some sun in my life. Well I traveled to Orlando and found out it was cold there too! But […]

A Quick 24 Hours with Elite Clicks Media

Late last week I was in Florida to get away from this grazzy Jersey weather. Ryan from Elite Clicks Media has gotten in contact with me at Ad-Tech NY and followed up with me after. He mentioned he wanted to get me out to Florida to meetup with his team and his new partner, Kevin […]

Thank You from Ian Fernando

This post is just a thank you post to several people and networks at Ad Tech that I met up. Usually I wrap up conferences or trade shows with 1 post. But there was a lot going on and I wanted to make sure I pointed out to certain people and networks instead of just […]

The Art of Bum Marketing, Cali Style

…I want to share with you my overall trip to Cali when I got there. I arrived in Cali a couple days before Share a Sale Think Tank 09. I decided to hangout in San Diego and enjoy the sun for a couple days. I got a beach house for just the 3 days I […]

Live Like A Super Affiliate Charity Contest

It is always great to give back to the community if it is information on how to grow your business, giving a 5 dollar tip to the person that pumps your gas, or if you want to donate to a charity of your choice. Clickbooth is hosting a contest to help out charities with a […]

Baseball Outing with Media Whiz Network

Yesterday I was out all day and it was a fun and entertaining day. Also it was my first time at baseball game. Let me tell you it was interesting. So early morning I got ready to head out to NY, where their office is located. It was fairly easy to find, the traffic in […]

Convert2Media is Gangsterlicious!

While I was in Florida, I had the opportunity to meetup with several affiliate networks, one being Convert2Media. If you know who Ralph Ruckman or Ruck, then you know he has a killer network called Convert2Media. Him and his team have exploded in the affiliate marketing industry by helping many affiliates make money online via […]

Back from Florida, Search Engine Strategies Tomorrow!

I arrived from Florida early this morning, like 9:30am! I had about 3 hours of sleep becauseĀ  ended up going out to drink for a couple hours then headed out to the airport at 4:45am! Damn! Well Florida was great and amazing, the only reason why I went down to Florida was because Jersey is […]

Meet My New NetBook: HP Mini 1030NR

Last week, I asked a question on twitter if anyone use a netbook. So from he users that voted, it was basically between the line. But I got some responses from other people about the netbooks they use and what they like. Shawn Collins responded saying he enjoys his Dell 9 and recently wrote a […]

Back in Jersey and Back to Work!!

I returned from Morocco and definitely going to miss it! I met a lot of new people there and just the weather alone. The weather there I was great nice ass clear skies with a bright sun. Well anyways, I did a lot of things while on vacation. I chilled went clubbing every other night, […]