Past Speaking Session

Since 2008, given the opportunity by Affiliate Summit East, Ian Fernando has been able to keep his momentum in the affiliate industry. Very raw language is used with an immense knowledge of the online world of marketing. His story is great as many users relate to his struggles and accomplishments. Though he has a very strict approach to marketing, he is very open minded to others strategies as he realizes no one is smarter than the next person.

  • Affiliate Summit East: 2008 – Boston
    Topic: The Good and Bad Aspects of Affiliate Marketing
  • Affiliate Summit West: 2009 – Las Vegas
    Topic: The Art of Keyword Blasting
  • BlooSky Vegas Meetup: 2010 – Las Vegas
    Topic: White-labeling Affiliate Offers
  • Oklahoma Affiliate Meetup 2010 – Oklahoma City
    Topic: Target an Audience, Provide the Offer
  • Performance Marketing Expo 2010 – Miami
    Topic: Making Money Making Friends
  • Affiliate Summit East: 2011 – New York
    Topic: Industry Clash: Balancing CPA vs CPS
  • Affiliate Summit West: 2012 – Las Vegas
    Topic: Monetizing Online Content
  • Affiliate Meetup Seattle: 2012 – Seattle
    Topic: Data Mining Your Data
  • Affiliate Summit West: 2014 – Las Vegas
    Topic: Facebook Ad Strategies Q&A
  • Adsimilis Meetup: 2014 – Dubai
    Topic: Open Q&A
  • Affiliate Summit East: 2014 – New York
    Topic: Blueprint to Hit 7 Figures in 12 Months on Facebook
  • Affiliate Summit West: 2015 – Paris Las Vegas
    Topic: Driving Massive Traffic for Sales & Lead Generation
  • Affiliate Summit East: 2015 – New York
    Topic: Partials vs Buyer Data, Best Way to Monetize Leads
  • Affiliate World Asia: 2015 – Bangkok, Thailand
    Topic: Outsourcing and Virtual Assistants: How to Double Your Revenue in 2 Months