1 Month and Strong!

By Ian Fernando

WOW! That is what I said when I logged into my website this morning and saw that my blog is ranked 2 with Google! That is crazy! Why? Because my blog has been on the net for only 1 month! Today is its 1 month anniversary! I was very surprise, I would imagine I would get a PR of 1 after 2 months since that how long it took my other sites to gain a Google PR. 

This got me thinking and I looked at my other websites, and ClickBankViews is still a PR of 1 and theIanternet got a PR of 2 today as well!!! That is great! Only one month on the internet, and my blog received a PR of 2. Could it be the possibility of VPM, creating the traffic, keywords, backlinks, etc. Well I can tell you that my blog pops up number 1 for specific keywords or at least on the first page of Google. Getting ranked with Google is hard work as well! I think I know what I did too with my keywords and how I got a PR of 2 just overnight, because yesterday I know I was at 0. But IanFernando.com is still a PR of 0 while www.IanFernando.com is a PR of 2.

I am so proud of receiving a PR of 2 just overnight, in 1 month. Since it takes me 2 months to get atleast a PR of 1 with my other sites. This is why I think Blogs are so popular. Providing content that people want to read.

Well lets take a look back in history on how I started this blog.

I was reading all over the internet about blogs, why blogs are the best, why they are popular etc. So I decided to make a blog. I made a blog about 3 months ago, but I really never dedicated myself to it. I just use my blog to keep track of what I was doing in life. I wrote whatever I wanted. So I searched in forums on how to optimize and make a good blog. Everyone provided me with good input but it was general.

I decided to re create my blog: Read my Post Here, the post was created exactly 1 month ago! Even that post received a PR of 1, which is hard to get individual pages of your site to get PRs. Ok so now I have recreated my new blog to a new format a more blog feel. I started posting everyday, on what interest me and what I did. I shared inputs and gave out strategies and tactics to help other bloggers. I even started to join Blog Communities, which I think has an impact on my traffic and PR as well, I am not too sure yet as I am still studying on how I received a PR of 2 overnight. But I do believe posting everyday with specific unique content gave me the PR, its what users want to read!

With this said I am creating an eBook on using Blog Communities and how I managed to get popular fast! As you can see from the buttons on the side, I am at good ranking standing in under one month!

Now I even created an Affiliate program with my blog, this could be another factor on how I got PR of 2 just overnight.

My affiliate systems works very similar when 2 people get together and become partners, usually its a 50/50 profit. My affiliate system works the same way. You join my Affiliate Program and direct traffic here, and I share my commission with you right down the middle. As you can see there are clickbank, paydotcom, and $7Offer links on this website easily configured into the website creatively.

Now lets say you joined my affiliate program and directed traffic to my site with your affiliate link; a visitor clicks on a clickbank link and purchases the product. You get the full commission rate that vendor is offering, 50%-75%.

Ian, how are you making money though? Well remember I stated we share commission, right down the middle? Well lets say a second visitor does the same thing and purchases a $7dollar ebook, since the traffic or commission is split right down the middle I get that full commission of 7$, the same issue with clickbank. I am sharing with you the profit 50/50. As long as I there are buyers you earn! This is great because the advantage of this is that if they join my mailing list under your affiliate code, they are redirected to a page of your choice, it could be a landing page where you can keep all the commission or just redirect them to your webpage, its really up to you.

In that instance, I have been creating a great idea that came to me overnight as well and is in development currently. theIanternet.com has been giving a face lift as well. This site is very different from the rest because this is also considered your site, if we become partners that is. This site will incorporate authors and ebooks, and ofcourse an affiliate program. Visit theIanternet.com to see what I mean. Its an informative website with articles and ebooks, and again I am creating theIanternet.com as an affiliate system where you and I will be sharing a 50/50 commission. I must be crazy I guess.

I am also crazy that I am giving away my ebook for FREE, and you can sell it at 100% of the profit! WOW I am real crazy! Read the post about my ebook or view the sales page here. Its a new way of using the forum signatures to gain more earnings with just one link! Just go read the sales page. To receive the ebook for free, just join my mailing list below. This form will only be available for 24 hours, since it is IanFernando.com 1 month anniversary! Woo Hoo!


Remember the above form is only good for 24 hours! So on this anniversary I am proud to say that I have worked hard to gain a PR of 2 overnight.

If I have not mentioned already, my affiliate program has been launched! You can Join here.

Again lets celebrate the success of IanFernando.com, clebrating success is a team effort. If you gain success I too will celebrate with you. You shouldn't be celebrating your achievements by yourself! 

Remember to also visit, theIanternet.com as its a new website with new interactivity and tools to help you even more with your earnings!

Ian Fernando
Involved in the internet space since 2002 and have been through the ups and downs of this online industry. I am a traveling digital nomad, media buyer, online strategist, and many more online titles.

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