10,000 Pissed Off BlogRush Users

By Ian Fernando

This morning I received an email saying "Congratulations, You are receiving this update because your blog has passed our strict Quality Guidelines and criteria..." While others probably received a more negative email. Where is this coming from? Well the hype is starting all over and it is all negative hype, all surrounding BlogRush.

A while back I wrote a post about how BlogRush is not for the Little Guys. Is this still true? With the new system in place? Or is it now "BlogRush is not for the Big Guys?" Popular high quality oriented sites are now becoming inactive after the sweep of BlogRush audit team. Were these blogs properly audited?

I went ahead and looked at my RSS reader and found JohnCow.com has been banned from blogrush. His post is very comical and serious as well. The mysterious cow, breaks down BlogRush's guidelines, trying to find a loop hole if he really is not meeting the requirements of BlogRush. I personally find this requirement and explanation funny:

The blog’s primary contain must be in English. BlogRush is currently not available for non-English blogs. — Do You Understand The Words That Are Coming Out Of Our Mouth?

Hmm I wonder if they did ban the cow because his blog is not in proper English? I mean he does spell money incorrectly, mooney.

Well this cause a stir and the Cow has made it known, in one of my favorite forums. He listed his article for the world to see, because his blog was not properly written in English or spelling errors. This caused a commotion in the forums and others joined in saying they too were banned.

Reading all the users input and participation I found another blog who has posted their bannish cries, SeoPedia. But one thing stuck out besides the block quoted emails:

Important PS: An anomymous tipper just sent me this e-mail that John Reese has sent to a LOT of guys. So the people that edit the quality guidelines of BLogrush are “a bunch of people that would like to earn some extra cash”. Way to go Reese:

Is this true, who did the email go to? What criteria did they have to fit in? Was it by favoritism? Was it outsourced? John Reese, what is he up to?

I wonder if John Reese is up to no good? I am glad I was not banned - makes me feel 'cool' that I have quality content and it is written in proper English, I guess. Though I will not put the widget on my blog, I do have a good tier system of others - which will supply the traffic to me. I have been seeing traffic here and there to my blog from the widgets, but it is still not the rush it was hyped up to be. I still want to see more stats but the dashboard is down.

Here are some other websites or blog I found that were banned as well:

Techipedia says:

Can someone tell me where I’ve gone wrong here? I assume that BlogRush does not want to be affiliated with sites that speak negatively of the program, which of course, I did. (What else is new? 🙂 ) I’d be interested to see if others have suffered the same fate.

InterWebHunt says:

Coming from a quality control team this isn’t the best way to word things:

“The blog’s primary contain must be in English. BlogRush is currently not available for non-English blogs.”

Spellcheck much?

LocalSeoGuide says:

Now let me get this straight - I write nothing but unique content every day for a month with a number of other high quality sites picking up my posts, linking to these pages, adding comments, etc. And my blog is not unique enough?

As you can see they are a little piss off. English blogs that do not write in English? Quality blogs that are not really quality? Like the Cow says quality is all about perspective. What really defines quality?

All in all, John is doing the 'Nelson' to Quality English written blogs, which I can say the quality control team needs to re think who they are banning and making inactive.

With so much negativity around I wonder if these blogs are doing the 'Nelson' to John Reese? I can see they would be mad, yet I have to see the new system take effect and my dashboard is still out of commission!

Ian Fernando
Involved in the internet space since 2002 and have been through the ups and downs of this online industry. I am a traveling digital nomad, media buyer, online strategist, and many more online titles.

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