1and1 Sucks, Worst Web Hosting and Support Ever!

By Ian Fernando

Pass couple days I have been having issues with my first hosting company I have dealt with when  decided to join the online marketing space. Yes I admit it, I joined 1and1 in the beginning of my online marketing career. The reason is because it was cheap and I didn't know nothing about hosting and databases and stuff.

Now that I have my own dedicated and own several domains and online sites, I am very familiar with all this tech stuff now. Recently I have been cleaning out old domains and notice I got billed for 1and1 hosting service, which I do not use because I have my own dedi, thanks to WiredTree!

So I called them up and got my hosting plan changed and got approved for refund on some of the hosting packages that I had. I downloaded my invoice reversals as reference. This way I have a history of all my orders and reversals that took place. I am now currently on a domain basis with their system. I may even start transferring all my domains over soon - argh the hassle!

Now that I came back from Miami, I started to go through my monthly statements and all paperwork and that business stuff. I noticed that I did not get refunded from 1and1, so I called them. They said it was processed, they are technically right because I see the invoices in my 1and1 dashboard.

... but I do not see it in my PayPal account or even bank statements.

I called again and even started an email customer service. I argued that I was not able to track it, they told me it was reversed on such and such dates. I double check my monthly statements on those specific dates for the exact amount they refunded. I couldn't find anything from 1and1 in any of my statements!

I called again and they gave me a transaction ID which I can provide to paypal. The worst part is they gave me a non traditional paypal transaction ID. I called paypal up and they too were not able to find the transaction from 1and1, they emailed them about this.

I also emailed 1and1 about this as well and I hope to hear from 1and1 soon about this issue. Even though it isn't worth the XX amount to continue to pursue, but htis is for the noobs that want to find cheap hosting - DO NOT GO WITH 1and1!

I admit I started with them because the pricing it looked good. But their system sucks because of the following reasons:

  1. Interface is clumsy
  2. No Cpanel
  3. 24 hours to register a sub domain!
  4. 24 hours to register a domain!
  5. 24 hours to create and propagate a Database!
  6. Support sucks so much!

Once you start becoming successful online, you will want to upgrade your site to a better hosting company and you will be confused because you are not use to cpanel, or the db wizard etc. I advise to use another hosting and domain registrar company like NameCheap. I used BlueHost for a while before I got my dedicated. They have cpanel and a faster registration period than 1and1.

I strongly suggests to stay away from 1and1. Their support is useless and their service isn't all that. The fact that it takes a while to register a sub domain on a domain you already own just boggles me. Sometimes cheap doesn't always mean good quality. It does look attractive if you are starting out but do not make the mistake I made because I am paying for it now.

Their packages looks good too, but again do not fall for it. It is just a way to get people who needs hosting for cheap without really understanding the consequences. Stay far away, far far away.


I am annoyed with 1and1!

Ian Fernando
Involved in the internet space since 2002 and have been through the ups and downs of this online industry. I am a traveling digital nomad, media buyer, online strategist, and many more online titles.

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