2 Chrome Extensions Needed to do Online Product Arbitrage for Amazon FBA

By Ian Fernando

As more people go online to find what they need, this is the perfect time to start setting up your own Amazon FBA shop and making some serious money.

So, let's jump in! Today, I'll about my experience with these two chrome extensions, how it's revolutionized how I handle product arbitrage for my Amazon FBA, and what I recommend for those of you just starting. I'll also show you how to read and find the right products you need to sell using these two excellent chrome extensions: Buy Bot Pro and Helium 10.

Entering Q4, I wanted to check in on how the past three quarters have been for me doing product arbitrage via Amazon FBA. Since I'm still new to reselling on Amazon FBA, I wrote and did a video on starting online arbitrage from anywhere in the world.

I believe purchasing and using Buy Bot Pro is a great decision that you won't regret your Amazon FBA store.

Why? Simply because it helps let you know what you need to buy or not in real-time. Check out the video above for yourself; it explains things in more detail.  

My reason for using Buy Bot Pro wasn't just because of the fantastic stats they boast about, but it is a perfect fit for my online store. With the help of Helium 10, I can easily find the right "supply and demand" scenario to make the best decision.

As you can watch the video (sorry, I was under the weather while doing this), I go through several stats and numbers to decide. The most important is reading the Helium 10 version Keepa graph (Just FYI, Helium 10 is complimentary, while Keepa is now a paid subscription).

Let's check things out and dive into the Keepa graph.

To begin, Helium 10 is just so much nicer. It was an automatic yes with a cleaner, more intuitive interface to read historical data. As you might have guessed, this part is a big deal for potential visitors to convert if they see what they like. With a clean and straightforward interface, I can target potential buyers better, which leads to more conversions.

In the video above, I found that the average looks oddly skewed, with the numbers showing an average of $41.16.The highest product bought was priced at $61.95 that I had listed; the reason was I had no inventory for this item.  As it turned out, some sellers who did have this product could hike their price, and people were still buying.

Shortly after this, brick-and-mortar retail shops and online stores received more inventory for this item to resell, leading to a price war in the marketplace. This stock change explains the difference in price on the graph from $61 to $29.

Without doing additional research and selling this product at $37, I would've lost a lot of money here. But this is where Buy Bot Pro comes in to save the day.

By being prompt and giving me up-to-date data on products that I need, this chrome extension makes decisions in no time at all. Armed with the relevant information, I could save so much time scrolling on my own through thousands of products, costing me hours of precious time.

The highlighted part above is the import factor in Buy Bot Pro. It shows the average base on days, which means that you're able to see into the future. Regarding the timelines, what it's priced at now and the price might be later. Basically, giving you superpowers in your decision-making process.

For example, just because an item sells for $37 does not mean it will always sell at that price. With the help of Buy Bot Pro, you know that you are covered and still profitable at the same time.

It takes all the data points visible to you and analyzes them to see if the product is profitable. This decision-making is all done in less than 7 seconds; that's incredible! That is the beauty of Buy Bot Pro; it does all the calculations and lets you know if it is worth your time to purchase.

I always recommend ultimately doing your due diligence and research. Personally, for me, though, it was worth using it. I highly recommend Buy Bot Pro. These chrome extensions have saved me hours of sifting through products, the pains of decision-making, and best of all, their increased conversions, making me more money.

Ian Fernando
Involved in the internet space since 2002 and have been through the ups and downs of this online industry. I am a traveling digital nomad, media buyer, online strategist, and many more online titles.

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