2 Chrome Extensions Needed to do Online Product Arbitrage for Amazon FBA

Entering Q4 I want to touch base on how the past 3 quarters have been for me doing product arbitrage via Amazon FBA. Since I am still new to reselling on Amazon FBA, I wrote and did a video on how to start online arbitrage from anywhere in the world.

Today, I will go into detail on how to read and find the right products to sell with the help of 2 chrome extensions: Buy Bot Pro and Helium 10.

I believe you can make a great decision just by having Buy Bot Pro. Why? Simply because it actually tells you directly if you need to buy an item or not. You can witness by watching the video above for more. I decided not to buy base on the stats provided to me and Buy Bot Pro agrees with my decision.

With the assisted help of Helium 10, it allows me to find the right “supply and demand” scenario to make a better decision. As you can watch the video (sorry, I was under the weather while doing this), I go through several stats and numbers to make my decision.

The most important one is reading the Helium 10 version Keepa graph. Just F.Y.I., Helium 10 is free, while Keepa is now a paid subscription. Let us take a look at the graph below.

Helium 10 just has a nicer, cleaner interface when reading historical data. As you know, that is very important because it can turn potential visitors to actual buyers as it can facilitate interactions, mainly from the one you are targeting: the buyers.

In the video, I say that the average looks weird. A price of $61.95 was the highest this product was listed to be bought at. Those numbers appear to be a bit skewed and the average price of $41.16 is definitely off.

Now, the reason for this is because there was a week of no inventory for this item. It was still being searched for at the time, but it was already out of inventory. So someone was able to buy the product and sell it at a higher cost. And people really bought it.

Since then the products probably have reached online retailers or retail stores as well, and now others are reselling them too, which created a sort of a price war in the marketplace. This is why you see the change in the graph from $61 to $29.

The trend shows that it will be back at the floor rate of $29. If I had believed this product to be sold at $37 without any additional research, I would have lost a lot here. This is where Buy Bot Pro comes in. It would be prompt in giving me all the details I need and making its own robotic decision.

Now look the highlighted part above. It is the import factor in Buy Bot Pro. It provides you an average base on days. This will help you try to foresee the future of the price and what it is now to what it might be, giving you all the possible data during those timelines.

For example, just because an item sells for $37, it does not mean it will always sell at that price. With the help of Buy Bot Pro, you know that you are covered and still profitable at the same time.

That is the beauty of BuyBot Pro, it does all the calculations and it lets you know if it is worth your time to purchase. It takes in all the data points that are visible to you and analyze them for you to see if the product will make you money or not.

As you can see in the video, I have access to all the information but Buy Bot Pro does its own robotic thinking and makes its own determination on whether a product is going to make you money over time or not. It does everything in seconds, in as less as 7 seconds.

Ultimately, you should do your own due diligence. Personally, for me, though, it was worth to use it. I highly recommend BuyBot Pro. It is really a great extension to use for online arbitrage.

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