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As you know this is the start of a brand new blog I have removed all of my past post and re organized my blog on a more user friendly and blog look a like template. I have stumbled upon, funny stumble upon. Anyways ? I have come across This is a networking site, with other bloggers that share similar interests and blogs. Well, what is the purpose of MyBlogLogs? What will it do for me?MyBlogLog is a social networking system for blog readers to connect and learn about each other around their favorite blogs – and for blog publishers to access detailed information about their readers. Founded in March of 2005, the site relaunched this morning and took its social networking features out of beta stage. The company says it is currently serving 4000 live blog-based communities.

  1. Find out some more about the audience of this weblog
  2. Find out other webloggers with similar interests
  3. Find out about some other weblogs by digging further into their own communities
  4. Identify common communities from my visitors
  5. Find out more about my readership with their extended contact details
  6. A picture is worth a 1000 words
  7. Have quick conversations with those who read off my weblog
  8. Find out other communities and other webloggers who may not even get to visit my weblog.
  9. Ability to keep track of some stats (free)

There is a pro version, but I am not sure what other aspects it does. There are other several tools as well for you to use.Recent Readers widgetAs seen above, this feature gives you a good starting point for understanding how MyBlogLog immediately benefits you. You?ll get to see the faces (or avatars) of people who?ve stopped by your blog, which adds a new visual dimension at tracking your visitors. It?s like how Gravatars (globally recognized avatar) work in the comments of some blogs, but in this case a registered reader?s imprint immediately registers whenever he or she comes by. Both you and fellow readers can click on a particular recent reader and read up on their member profile as well as other blog communities this person has joined. I love this? it?s quite literally a peer-based blog discovery / recommendation structure since your readers are likely to share similar interests as you!MyBlogLog StatisticsYou get your own daily blog statistics page where you get to find out Where Readers Came From, What Readers Viewed, and What Readers Clicked. Once you get 10 community members for your blog, then you will get to see What My Members Clicked on Other Sites Today as well as My Members? Other Popular Communities. This is where they earn their greens: To see more statistics, you have to be a paid member.When I joined MyBlogLogs I did the following 2 things, besides explore the configurations and settings.

  • There ate two things you should immediately do upon joining MyBlogLogs. First, configure the MyBlogLogs widget and place it on your blog. The second is to click on the Communities tab. Begin by exploring member blogs and find ones that you are interested in. Don?t judge the blog by how many community members it has or how many contacts the author has. If you find a blog that looks interesting, leave MyBlogLogs and go to the blog and read it. If this is a blog that you would want to read on a daily basis, click back to MyBlogLogs and join that blog?s community.
  • After joining some communities, start exploring all the users who are also members of those communities. If you find a blog you like, the members of that community will also have blogs that might interest you. Start surfing around MyBlogLogs by clicking on members avatars and see and read about their blogs. If they sound interesting, join their communities as well.

This is going to be a good testing and adventure for me, I will be seeing how I can benefit from it, and once I joined ? I have received traffic almost immediately! So I will see if there are ways to benefit from this besides joining communities and searching other blogs. Wait for a good followup!

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