ClickFunnels vs LeadPages: Numbers Shows the Differences in Sales Pitch

First this isn’t a review I want to talk about how Clickfunnels differentiate itself from other SaaS platforms. As I have been getting back into SaaS myself by releasing my click tracker, AdRoots, I wanted to see how others were pushing their software business.

What I noticed is that there are software businesses that are meant to sell and another almost like an exit strategy. For example today I want to compare LeadPages vs Clickfunnels. Essentially both are the same, they are both landing page creators. They essentially help you make a landing page without knowing any sort of code.

If you look at both websites, both have 2 different style web design. Let’s take a look at LeadPages real quick…

This design is what a website should look like. It IS a home for the product, it is aesthetically good looking and does not have an overwhelming amount of content. It is meant for everyone to view even google crawlers will like this website.

You can browse the website and interact, find out about pricing and see other features on other pages, and even has a blog with content. Everything you would expect from an ordinary website.

Now let us take a look at ClickFunnels Home page…

It is totally different, I find it interesting that this software doesn’t have a home for the product. It is a pitch-deck instead of a full website.

It has a video sales pitch explaining features and why it is helpful while also being comedic at times. It is a long running typical sales letter that lists everything from why you need it to their features to comparison charts.

So my question to myself is why the big difference?

I also understand, one product makes more revenue than the other and both also sells not just the product but also information products that goes a long with it.

Since I am selling a new software myself, I wanted to see why there is a big difference in the style of website design. I basically found out it comes to sales. ClickFunnels is a software which Russell Brunson built for himself for his own marketing needs.

Russell is a an online sales person, he is good at selling. He is a solid online marketer and I have been following since I started online, I remember he had no hair at one point. So as I watch all his Youtube videos to get insights on how he pushes his software, I also try to research others that are similar and I find that Russell is very different from the other online businesses.

His job and first priority is to sell, it is obvious with his new projects. I find that he is right, there is no time for not selling when it comes to an online product.

In fact he also recently posted about venture capitalist.

Venture capitalists are baffled by ClickFunnels.We've had 5 or 6 VCs in a row try to give money to ClickFunnels."You…

Posted by Russell Brunson on Tuesday, July 18, 2017

While Russell told them no thanks, LeadPages raised $38 million in funding. So I find it very interesting to see how one is just about sales and the other is more of an exit strategy. I have literally studied both sites and similar ones, another is UnBounce, I always come back to ClickFunnels and see that it is a huge success in such a short amount of time.

It is literally very interesting to see one is way better in marketing than another and I want to go in that specific direction as well. Russell has a brand by simply putting himself out there, letting everyone know that this is his product. In our day and age of marketing thats where we are heading, influential marketing.

Even searching for the community group on Facebook: LeadPages has 16k users while ClickFunnels has 84k! Astonishing how one created such a huge community in a shorter amount of time.

I want to point out that sales copy and sales style webpages work. In the past, I was against such style of marketing.

Even I have promoted products with just video (non business) as just their homepage and surprisingly it does work. These consumers find it compelling to watch than read I believe. People want to be informed, educated, and understand why they need to buy such product from you. Instead of browsing, they can be pitched and I believe that is what Russell is doing extending himself out to pitch to you about his products.

First part of business is to sell. What are your thoughts on these long style sales page instead of a homepage?

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