affLIFT: Affiliate Forum Review, A Brand New Forum in the Affiliate Learning Space

Marketing affLIFT: Affiliate Forum Review, A Brand New Forum in the Affiliate Learning...

Want to start in the affiliate marketing industry without being criticized? This noob friendly affiliate forum has you covered.

When it comes to trying to make it in the online space, specifically affiliate marketing, you need someone to help you or better yet a community. I wrote about other affiliate forums on this blog prior as well to help you with your first affiliate campaigns.

Now, we now have a new contender to go against the popular forums out there and it’s by my buddy Luke from PeerFly. He is a very well known affiliate manager and affiliate in this industry. Now he wants to help you make your first dollar in the affiliate space.

I recently just joined and the atmosphere is different from other forums. There are only roughly 5200 members on his forum but it doesn’t feel like it. I ask Luke about it and like most affiliate that start out, most are readers and consumers – not do’ers.

So let us break this forum down and see if it is for you.

Straight to the Point Traffic Methods

A lot of beginners want to just understand before starting. In order to start they read all the threads in the forum, which currently has a basic list of topics to discuss, especially traffic.

The best thing I like is that it is direct to the topics, you either are doing SEO or PPC with a Landing Page. There isn’t a local meetup thread, conference topic, or blasphemy post – just straight information on what you need.

Here are the traffic source topics:

  • PPV (Pay Per View)
  • Search
  • Social
  • Native
  • Push Notifications
  • Banners
  • eMails
  • Incentive

Which is good, because you can find the information you want and what others are doing. If you are running PPV, which is a popular topic in the forum currently, then you just dive in the PPV threads and start consuming.

You do not get distracted by all the other posts that are going on. You log into affLIFT and find the strategy you want.

You also have the community of users answering from their own experiences. With that, there are also well-known traffic members in the forum. As well as affiliate managers, traffic managers, and bloggers. Luke isn’t the only one providing his expertise, there are others like myself helping you out.

Luke does a great job sharing his ‘secrets’ with the forum members that have been asking. I’m not even sure where he has the time. I’m gonna have to ask him to do an interview soon to get in-depth details.

Encouragement through Contest and Follow-Alongs

Luke runs contests within affLIFT, this is how he encourages readers to be do’ers. Even giving out coupons to traffic sources that he has teamed up with to help his members. Working out deals with the traffic sources, to get them starting a budget to run a campaign is important.

A lot of affiliates do not want to waste $50 – $100 but the first step is to fall and fail. It is hard to hear that but that is with anything in life. You never know you might actually start becoming profitable on your first campaign. This encouragement is important because students do not learn unless they start.

Luke, helps create this atmosphere because Luke’s affLIFT forum wants you to be successful. With these contests and encouraging users to start their very first campaign, he creates new unique content for users to read as well as feedback from members.

This is a great first step for users because Luke and the affLIFT community will hold your hand and help you get that first campaign successful.

Just like the contests, Luke starts follow-along from time to time. Especially on traffic sources, he is testing out. This unique content is important because Luke or a member is running a brand new source of traffic with a new offer.

Information like this gives you insights into what is going through the mind of the media buyer and why they set campaigns up the way they do. Once results come in, they post their results and receive feedback from the affLIFT community.

Forum affLIFT Group Chat

This is one feature I do not see anywhere else, a chat function. Yes, there are skype groups, telegram groups, but not a forum chat within the affiliate marketing forum itself.

This group or forum chat is pretty awesome, as it is a place to just voice your opinion without really creating a thread. You get to ask something quick and get a response. It isn’t congested just yet, but it does give you a gateway to all the members and to quickly respond or ask a question in the group.

Personally, I have not seen this in any other forum. Instead of other forums, where they create individual skype chats base on invite only – this is a true community of affLIFT users.

Is this Affiliate Forum for YOU?

It depends, this is a more friendly forum when it comes to affiliate marketing. It has content directed towards more pure beginners. For $20 a month, it is def worth testing out since you can get $50 pretty much right away by just testing out a campaign. Basically, it is free to join for your first month.

If you are…

  • a brand new affiliate trying to understand the concept of traffic management
  • a struggling to find the perfect pair of cpa offers and traffic sources
  • tired of reading blogs and beginners guide
  • trying to make money online with using paid traffic

… then this forum is for you. You can pretty much dive in and start testing out what others are doing. No one will over critique you because everyone and Luke wants to see you have a successful campaign. More importantly, affLIFT wants you to be the best affiliate marketer there is.


affLIFT is an affiliate community forum to learn about affiliate marketing. Luke is the founder and owner of the forum and has been in the affiliate space for a very long time. Over the years he has provided great insight as an affiliate manager and is now transferring that knowledge into affLIFT.
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