DatsPush Case Study Results After One Week – 1 Campaign, 2 Countries

Hope everyone had a great Christmas! This is the last post of the year. I hope to bring more blog content in 2019! Tell me what you want to see in 2019.

Now, I am updating you on the case study that I posted several days ago with LeadBit traffic platform, DatsPush. The campaign is done nad here are my results.

The traffic started off slow as I stated prior. I allowed it to run a couple more days before I decided to switch it out to a new country. Well, here is an overview window of what the traffic looks like.

You can see when I started switching because the traffic just increased and spiked. Same exact campaign just different country. The bid was also the same but I spending too fast that I lowered the bid by half and still received good traffic flow.

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What is interesting is that even with the slow traffic my cost was getting too high for the number of clicks. When I switched countries, I received more clicks than my cost – interesting data points I haven’t seen on other networks.

As you can see as well, I spent more money on the new country because it basically had more volume. Thanks to the DatsPush team for providing me the requested data points I asked.

The first country, which is the one at the bottom, received a higher CTR of 1.52 not bad, but I only received 3 conversions from this country, which puts me in the red still.

Country 1: 3 conversions at $3.38; $10.14 but spent $33.48 – not profitable.

I kinda saw this when the volume was very low and I had to compete at a higher CPC. When I increased it from .02 to .04 to .10 to try and get volume. It kinda worked but conversions were not there.

You will get a feel of how the traffic reacts to from past experience to know if it will flop or not.

That is when I decided to switch it up to a new country. Again DatsPush provided volume data on what I asked for specifically. When I switched to the new country. I kept the bidding the same at .04.

At that point when traffic came in, it became apparent that I didn’t need to and could have bid far lower at .02 – which the next day, I adjusted my bidding.

Country 2: Spent $66.56, Earned $52.36, plus Monetizer of $12.90, Total revenue $65.26 – a $1.30 loss.

I did also mess up a bit because I forgot to switch up the links to the proper country. The best part of the network that I am working with is that they have a smart redirect, so I still kinda made some commissions on my own error.

I also did some modifications to the landing page after finding out one of my creatives are doing far better than the others. I adjusted the ad to the lp – so there is a match flow across each medium. Helped increase the conversions after.

Doing this because I wanted to create a seamless flow. Especially after finding out one of the creatives is converting better than the others. I decided to pause the other 2 creatives and keep the 1 that got the conversions.

I also implemented Monetizer – which monetized my paid traffic. Meaning, if a user comes from another country other than what I specified, back buttons, and exit intents. I should have done this in the beginning but I was using another smart link system instead.

Monetizer def won this.

I am trying to monetize the click to the best of my potential and I do that by utilizing Monetize. You should def use them as it helps with extra potential revenue.

One other thing is that I also turned off the campaigns during a certain time of days base on my conversions. Now Dats Push does not have day parting just yet, but it was easy enough to turn on and off when I wanted to anyways.

Here are my active hours in EST

The next thing I started doing was blacklisting any IP address that clicked more than 3 times on the ad and no conversions.

My thought process: The reason why I blacklisted all IPs within Dats Push who clicked on my ad and no conversions is that after 2 or 3 clicks and no conversions then they do not need to see an ad again.

This can be a mix from all the creatives as well, but for me, I blacklist IPs that clicked on the ad 3 times and didn’t turn into commissions. No need to show any more ads.

I also started blacklisting IPs that converted for this one campaign.

My thought process: If a person on a single IP converted, they do not need to convert again on the same offer. I am just wasting a click. Push notifications are to individuals’ devices.

It isn’t like other traffic sources where you want to whitelist or blacklist a website from displaying your ads. Since IPs are more unique to a ‘person’ or device, I think it wouldn’t make sense to show them the same ad again.

Here are the full stats on the campaign for over 7 days. This is taken from DatsPush dashboard.

That was a lot of strategy in one mini test campaign, make sure to read the 24-hour results with DatsPush as well. This way you can see this campaign from a full view.

This campaign can be profitable especially if I spent more time on country 2. I have done a lot of adjustments from the landing page to the campaign itself.

I allowed the data to tell me a story and I worked at it to start optimizing it. This campaign total spend was $100 only and I can def make that back with the second country more optimized.

I think I will reach out to DatsPush and do an interview with them on their traffic. Let me know who to test next!

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