Buy Bot Pro Review – One Unique Feature in this Chrome Extension for Online Arbitrage Sellers

eCommerce Buy Bot Pro Review - One Unique Feature in this Chrome Extension...

Unsure of how to read the Amazon FBA data? This Chrome Robot will help you!

So it has been 2 months since I started to dabble in eBay and Amazon eCom. I have learned a lot via Youtube and just reading online and actually doing it myself. I also have tested a lot of tools and I think this is one chrome extension that is needed!

Online arbitrage refers to the process of exploiting the price differences by creating an increased price tag when selling the same product. For example, buying clearance and reselling it on Amazon FBA.

The same product is sold at a little bit higher price although it could have been bought at a relatively lower price. This isn’t a new concept, flipping is an art form.

However, not all items bought online can be bought at the right profit. That is why you need a tool rather than a calculator to determine if a product you are going to buy will be worth to resell. This is where BuyBot Pro comes in.

This chrome extension which sits in your browser and within Amazon will help you determine if a product you found is worth it to purchase.

Actual Extension

BuyBot Pro is an automated chrome extension that assists the seller to make viable decisions when doing online arbitrage or even retail arbitrage.

It is a tool that can stop or prevent you from buying products that are a “bad buy” because you are gated, losing money on, hazmat restricted, or is a private label.

It is a form of a virtual buying robot that can be used to analyze the arbitrage deals within a short period of time (normally 7 seconds).

This extension informs the seller on the best information to make the best decisions.

Take a look at the screenshot to the right >>

Look at all the information this extension provides in a quick easy to see side bar.

Let take a look at what Buy Bot Pro provides:

  • An ROI and profit checker that tells the user the amount of the profits after deducting taxes, other fees or costs.
  • A BSR checker assists the online user with the required information that assists to know how fast the item or product can sell.
  • A private label checker will inform the dealer to understand whether the product is a private label and consequently, avoid that kind of an item.
  • Suggested Purchase Quantity (SPQ), tells the seller on the units of the item or product he or she can buy.
  • Amazon fee breakdown informs the user on the number of fees that will be charged by Amazon.
  • VAT calculator assists the buyer to know the total VAT both from the Amazon and other places that will be charged.
  • Estimated sales can be able to tell the user the previous sale values of the item in the past 90 days and the probable value in the next 90 days.
  • Profit margin auto calculator assists the dealer to know the actual amount of profits that they are likely to make from the deal.
  • Sales estimator tells the number of units of the same product that have been made in the last 30 days, 90 days and the predicted 90 days.
  • Competition analysis can be able to show the top 10 sellers of the same product, the available stock and the price per unit.

With this information, the buyers can decide on what to buy or not.

  • It cushions the users against bad buys.
  • It saves time since this kind of an online arbitrage analysis is much easier and faster.
  • Helps make more money for the users.

Now that we broke the basics down, there is one feature I think will be very beneficial for beginners and that is the SPQ, the Suggested Purchase Quantity.

This number helps you determine how many products you should buy. As a beginner, you may get too excited and buy the whole stock but it might be a bad decision to do so. Buy Bot Pro will guesstimate how many items you should actually buy.

There is literally no tool out there that tells you how much to buy. If you are starting out this number alone can help you get started fairly quickly without causing you too much money.

Take a look at this find… you can see that the SPQ number says I should buy 3 and that it gave me the green light to buy.

I am not gated, this is not a hazmat restricted, the BSR and ranks are good, and the profit at the buy cost is worth the investment!

The number that Buy Bot Pro tells you is determined by the settings you entered and the data sales the product generates. I do not know the true AI of it but it helps a lot in the buying decisions.

I personally use this as well when I do retail arbitrage, I buy a small set come back and check the item on Amazon then I use the tool to tell me if I need to get more or not. It is a bit more work but the BuyBot Pro team is working on an app for retail arbitrage users.

Not only is this chrome extension worth the purchase, a monthly cost of $34.95, but it also has a great community of users and supporters.

One aspect is that this chrome extension isn’t owner by a huge company. It was made by a fellow online arbitrage seller and she decided it was worth the share.

Support is amazing and updates are constant. Though it might a bit slow because I believe it is just one or 2 people just handing the development of this extension, but the tool is worth the wait at times.

If you are doing Amazon in the UK here is the UK Chrome version


In the end, you will need a set of tools to help you determine if a product is worth purchasing in bulk or not. You may only need 2 items instead of 20 because sale volumes are slow but still profitable. Buy Bot Pro definitely helps in this buying decision to sell back on Amazon FBA.
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