FlyWheel Review, 5 Simple WordPress Hosting Critiques I Think Are Important for Your First Blog

Reviews FlyWheel Review, 5 Simple WordPress Hosting Critiques I Think Are Important for...

Flywheel happens to be a premium WordPress hosting provider that is particularly useful for the freelancers, designers as well as creative agencies. I recently just switched over to them from a dedicated host. Now I am going to share some points in this review that I have experienced.

In the following paragraphs, I will provide a comprehensive Flywheel review that will help us understand exactly why it is currently gaining in popularity at the present moment.

Here we will be considering the technical characteristics of this hosting site and also its beneficial features plus its ability to work easily with the settings when it comes to WordPress management.

So, let us delve deeper into this comprehensive Flywheel WordPress hosting review and look at its most significant features. First…

Usability and Appearance

There is no doubt about the fact that the usability feature of Flywheel hosting is quite impressive and the creators have got the beginners in mind when it comes to WordPress administration.

The dashboard interface appears to be quite simple as well as user-friendly. Apart from this, Flywheel likewise offers a comprehensive set of video tutorials for all those individuals who hate reading manuals. This approach will allow anybody to set up their personal WordPress site without any kind of training or knowledge in this particular field.

Before I say this is a user-friendly interface, I did have a learning curve because I am so used to cPanel and WHMCS. In the end, the user interface is hella simple. Merging was really simple because of their demo site.

The presence of a free demo period during which it will be possible for you to create a site and also work with it without any kind of restriction whatsoever by making use of this hosting service.

For example, when I first moved/migrated my blog over to FlyWheel, they gave me a temporary domain ( This allowed me to work on my blog without my actual blog being disrupted. Essentially no downtime while moving my blog.

When I felt the move was done, I finally updated my DNS IPs BUT still keeping the old server up just in case I was forgetting to update something.

After several days of testing and feel confident, I deleted the old server and the move was flawless and I do not think any of my readers noticed anything.

Website Speed Test

Apart from ensuring that the users are able to stay on your WordPress site comfortably, speed will also determine the level of loyalty of the search engines to your site.

The download speed was officially announced by Google as a significant factor in ranking the website at the search engine results page.

Therefore, in case you’d like to see your site occupy the top position in the search engine results, it is important to take care of hosting which offers the best rate of speed to your project.

In fact, the speed of any site which is using Flywheel WordPress hosting will be somewhere between 0.3 and 0.6 seconds. It is definitely an astounding outcome even for the most advanced hosting.

Here are my first results, where I was still on my dedicated server and was on their temporary server.

First Test on their servers vs my Dedicated

You can see they were are similar since both had very similar results. Once I switched fully over to FlyWheel and allowing it to ‘settle’ in on the new server it has improved a lot. Results below:

Results once fully transferred to FlyWheel

Free BackUps, Security, Migration

Though there are WordPress plugins to do all this, FlyWheel provides these as default. Usually I would use a plugin to back up to my Google Drive but FlyWheel will do nightly backups of your website or blog.

Along with backups comes the security it provides, it will not allow you to install a security plugin because some of these plugins open up WordPress some loopholes, which FlyWheel wants to make sure none of that happens.

They will take care of any issues that are coming onto your blog because they are not treating your website, they are treating the server but giving you that individual support if needed.

Lastly, they offered to migrate my website for free. I decided I wanted to just migrate just my WordPress installment, so I used Migrate Guru, which they recommended and it worked perfectly.

Though I had to speak with support right after to clean up some plugins and update them, in the end, it was easy enough to migrate. You do not have to use Migrate Guru, FlyWheel will migrate your blog to their server for free.

Blog Load Performance

In spite of the fact that this particular hosting doesn’t claim any guaranty for the uptime values, the test results can really catch you by surprise.

The obtainable custom tests depict 99.99% lifetime score and 100% uptime results. As a matter of fact, it is very difficult to believe these numbers; however, these are all genuine.

Consequently, Flywheel is going to be a fantastic choice in case you’d like your site to be constantly available. It is quite natural that nobody will be able to give 100% uptime guaranty; nevertheless, it has been shown by practice that right now Flywheel happens to be amongst the most effective and well-known hosting providers out there.

The CDN integration is going to accelerate the functioning of the site significantly thanks to the innovative modern technology of downloading content materials from any virtual server located near a particular user.

First, one should note the fact that this manage hosting makes use of innovative VPS technology instead of shared hosting. In this way, your site will be able to maintain an enhanced level of a load while providing the best outcomes as well.

The load performance test results for Flywheel showcases consistent quality via the enhanced number of users on this site.

Customer Support

Unlike the majority of the other similar managed WordPress hosting providers, Flywheel is not going to offer any round-the-clock customer support service.

In fact, their customer support will be available only from 7 AM to 9 PM from Monday till Friday. You can reach their support team either by telephone, email or live chats.

This hosting site likewise provides free migration service to their clients. It makes it very simple for their customers to make a free website of their own by making use of the free demo sites as well as 1-click staging features.

Random: I had one issue which was a Youtube embedded issue and they still helped me with the issue even it was outside their realm of support. They pointed me in the right direction to get the issue resolved.

A competent technical team is possible for managing the servers thus ensuring the best possible security to their clients.


Flywheel managed WordPress hosting has made it very simple to choose a top-quality web hosting for the WordPress sites out there. Here is how they price their dedicated WordPress hosting.

Let us hope that after going through this comprehensive review, you’ll be able to make a prudent choice when it comes to easy-to-use top-quality hosting.

You might also test your site by making use of the free demo accessibility to Flywheel WordPress hosting platform which will guarantee you of good performance with the assistance of your own personal site or WordPress blog.


FlyWheel has about 10 data centers all over the World in different continents, including Asia, North America, and Europe. Providing you with the best option of hosting your WordPress site closer to your users, ensuring high performance and speed of your blog.
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