One Month on Cloudways Managed Hosting. Final Review and Thoughts

It has been over a month since I have been on Cloudways. So far it is very good, just the fact that it is managed. I did have some issues the first month but it seems to have solved itself over time. I also got lazy and just re-edited small things on my blog.

So this post is going to be about the headaches I have had with Cloudways as well as the reason why I am staying. As you know I am not going to be a huge comparison but rather share my experiences with them.

There is so much web hosting out there. They are all the same, especially with the advancement of tech in recent years. In this instance, I am going to talk about my experience with them. I think that is more critical.

My last post about Cloudways was about speed. It has since been over a month and I want to say it has stayed consistent with the load times. I am super surprised how fast my blog now loads. I just also think it is because of the servers they use.

Cloudways is a managed web hosting that manages cloud servers such as Vultr, Digital Ocean, Google, and Amazon Web Services. Imagine managing multiple servers, I know I have in the past, and sometimes your dev guy just doesn’t know how to work on each server. Cloudways solves this problem.

First, let me talk about the problem I have had. Since I was moving my blog, I thought everything would have been moved over easily.

My Problem

Everything transferred over easily BUT some plugins were having issues. Rank Math, OptimizePress, and Convert Plus. After almost 2 weeks of constant customer service. I have decided to just upgrade the database and PHP. It seemed to have fixed itself besides ConvertPlus.

ConvertPlus required me to just recreate my popups. Usually, you can export your popups and then just import but there seemed to be an issue with certain uploads which deleted the previous files uploaded. Both ConvertPlus and Cloudways couldn’t figure out the issue.

Instead of wasting time on customer service on both ends, I just recreated the popups. That was about it. There really haven’t been any other issues with my blog and the move.

Free Plugins by Cloudways

With the hosting, you get Breeze, a free caching plugin. Actually, I find it pretty useful and straight to the point. Most caching plugins do a little too much. I think this simple approach works especially on servers that are already built for speed.

The important reason why they made their own plugin is that it syncs with their Cloudways CDN.

You can use Cloudflare CDN which is the more popular one and the one I also use myself. Utilizing their plugin might be beneficial as you can keep everything under one account. If you have any issues with the syncing you can always hit up support and they are easily accessible.

Skilled Team/Customer Service

In order to manage Google Servers and Amazon Web Services, you really need to have certification and licenses to manage them. They are powerful servers, especially for software uses. Imagine trying to find tech on Fiverr to see if they understand your problem on one of these servers, it can be time-consuming but Cloudways already has a team.

Just open a chat window and get access to their tech team.

For the other servers such as Linode, Digital Ocean, and Vultr – they are all complicated servers to which you need a dev server admin to understand SSH. I know a bit of it but it can be time-consuming. I know I have spent time on Google just trying to find a simple command.

They also have a comprehensive knowledge base as well. When you open a chat window it will try to suggest some articles to you which may help you with your issue.

If you still chose to talk to a rep, you easily get one and your answer is pretty much responded to within 24 hours (my experience). I tend to talk to them in the morning because I found my answers have been answered far faster and I get a live person instead of waiting for an email response.

Team Management

I think this is a super important feature which most web hosting does not have. Usually managed hosting means the web host’s team will answer any of your issues and even help you get things set up.

Sometimes you have a tech guy that you truly trust, you can easily just add him to your account. Not only that but you can limit his access as well to your servers and domains.

Staging and Cloning

I found this super helpful. Prior you needed a plugin to create a clone of your website on your server. It just dumps everything on a different domain and recreates additional database names. It becomes stressful on your database.

Since Cloudways uses a more optimized database called MariaDB, cloning your website is pretty easy. Not just because you have an optimized database infrastructure. You do not have to download a plugin, you just click a button with your account and let Cloudways create it for you.

This was super useful when ConvertPlus needed to test their plug on Cloudways to see the issue.

Final Thoughts and Why I am Staying

I have been moving servers for a while and I think I will stick to Cloudways. My argument is that I have several websites o Digital Ocean, landing pages on Vultr, software on AWS. I want to start putting them under one account and view all of them at once.

Cloudways for WordPress hosting is amazing. I am looking to consolidate all my hosting under one roof to make it easier to just access. The speed alone on Cloudways is just blazing fast, especially if you are a blogger.

I think Cloudways is a solid managed web host service. There is a lot of options to do but it can be a bit complicated for a nontech person. The interface isn’t as simple as most managed WordPress hosting services.

You do have a lot of control like upgrading your own PHP, database, and even some options which you might need for WordPress. So there is that control. With powerful servers, you do need a team that understands them.

The selectability and scalability make this platform solid, especially for a business that grows and expands.

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