5 Inspirational Quotes I Just Added to My Office

I recently just moved into our new office and the walls seemed empty. I decided to fill the empty spaces with inspirational quotes. I look up to these billionaires and millionaires everyday. I try to see what they are up to and read as much about them as possible. I wish I just had more walls to put 3 more billionaires with amazing quotes.

The artist, Layes Art did all the work. I actually got in touch with him via his Instagram page. He has great work and when I moved into our new office, I invited him to scope out the office for a quote and sizing of the actual canvas. Below are his 5 pieces he has done for our office.


“If Everyone is Thinking alike, Then No One is Thinking.”
– Benjamin Franklin


“Honesty is a Very Expensive Gift. Do Not Expect if from Cheap People.”
– Warren Buffet


“If Today Were the Last Day of Your Life, Would You Want to do What you Are About to Do Today?
– Steve Jobs


“You Can Want Success All You Want, But to Get it You Can’t Falter. You Can’t Slip. You Can’t Sleep. One Eye Open, for Real and Forever.”
– Jay Z


“Failure is an Option Here. If things are not Failing, you are not Innovating Enough.”
– Elon Musk

I want everyone in our office to feel inspired. I want to make sure the small team I have feels the synergy to work for our company. That we are no traditional old school corporation and we enjoy what we do on a day to day basis. Attitude is an important factor in a work environment, if the attitude and moral is low quality of work is low. I hope that these paintings bring positive influence into our new office.

Who inspire you daily? What are their best quotes you live by?

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