5 Reasons Why Negative Posts Can Flood Your Blog

By Ian Fernando

The other day I posted about BlogRush and how it will not help smaller blogs. This created a good return in traffic for me, after some press releases and discussions in forums as well. In the end my topic spread virally. I then decided to take a look at this because I saw a growth in traffic and wanted to know where it was coming from. Well it came from my non-love BlogRush topics. Here are the 5 reasons why negative posts can help your blog gain some traffic.

  1. Creates a Buzz
  2. Viral Effect is Immediate
  3. Creates Controversial Discussions
  4. Returning Users
  5. Increase in RSS Feeds

Now I will break each down base on my experience.

Create a Buzz

Search engines are very powerful when it comes to finding information, especially reviews. Sometimes there are readers out there that always search for the negatives, the bad of a product. I personally always read negative reviews when buying a physical product, tv or computer. The reason is because I want to see what the small things that bother someone and will it bother me?

Writing a negative post or review can provide your site with a buzz across the internet. Readers are tired of seeing and reading the same thing everyday, example BlogRush. They want to see what is wrong; this can not be a perfect system. Will it really deliver? There are so many reasons why you should make a negative post about an item. In the end it is a question you ask yourself, "why will you join or buy?"

To make a simple buzz to a reader make sure your Header or title is catchy and attractive. Capture the curiosity of the reader by simply having a great title. Titles are what readers see first, so create a attractive title to grab their attention.

John Chow is a popular blogger author already yet he still writes negative views within his ReviewMe requests. He states both sides of a review, the positive and then goes into detail about the negatives. I can see now why he may do this. Negative thoughts get more readers and more interests from standard positive posts.

Viral Effect is Immediate

Once you have a BUZZ there usually is a viral effect. Once someone reads a negative post and it is the only negative one he has read on a topic, the reader will post your link within his blog/website or even in a forum. From there that is FREE generated traffic and you did no work.

Now the community and his readers are reading a quote and return back to your blog to read more. Forum readers may also post else where or on their site, giving you free more exposure. This is very similar to a linkbait technique. Why? Your post needs to attract your readers and its similar parties, if it does it spreads across the internet quite fast. Remember word of mouth is the best form of advertisement, its FREE!

Creates Controversial Discussions

Negative reviews cause a definite controversial issue. Readers will comment agreeing and disagreeing with you on your specific negative topic. That creates great content for your blog, it is free and it is unique!

Comments create a new wave of environment different from your own writing. It adds more opinions and broader discussion, depending how a user discusses a topic. Your comment section will be come a whole new posts in its own.

Also, once readers are done reading your negative post on a topic, they are right above the discussion or comments section. This easily provides them viewable access to see what others are saying. What do others think about this post? Why is the big fuss about this item being so bad? If your comments are very controversial the reader will inputs his own 2 cents.

Returning Users

Once your negative post has gained attention of readers and commenters, then you will see returning visitors, more traffic loyalty. The reason for this is because if the comments are controversial - your readers will want to come back and read more. Some just follow comments while others participate later into the discussion.

Or, they may have subscribe to your RSS feed and want to know more you as an author or blogger. They may have searched your blog/website and found multiple topics interesting and anticipating your next post. There are many reasons why a reader would be coming back.

Increase in RSS Feeds

Once the traffic becomes viral and you have a big discussion, you will see your RSS feed count increase. The reason for this is because readers will want to read more negative posts from YOUR point of view. Remember your writing is unique and so is your post. Do not repeat what someone else already said and do not make short pointless posts.

Readers that enjoyed your negative review will definitely want to read more. They will either subscribe to your feed or easily bookmark your post. It is the curiosity of a reader that makes them want to subscribe, because if the content they read in the future is whack, then they can easily just unsubscribe.


Content is really the key. This is just a small part of a linkbaiting method but a more in-depth technique. I have experienced linkbaiting prior, but not to an extent this blog has received from a negative post. Other aspects you may want to look into when generating a negative post are:

  • Titles and Headers
  • In Depth Review
  • BackUp of Why
  • Good Conclusion

I personally look for a reason why not to buy a physical product, tv or computer. Even reasons why not to join certain forums or buy specific ebooks. I look because I am curios if it will work or will it not. What is the overall experience of others to the thousands of others that think positive? Negative thoughts easily influence our minds. Negative environments, negative friends, negative readings, etc make us think over and over again, is this right? Why should I buy or join. Usually there is a small portion of a physical or digital product we do not like, which makes us not want to buy or join.

Creating a non positive attitude toward a service or product will definitely gain you some attention across the internet.

Ian Fernando
Involved in the internet space since 2002 and have been through the ups and downs of this online industry. I am a traveling digital nomad, media buyer, online strategist, and many more online titles.

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