5,179 220 544 19 53 3,252.90

By Ian Fernando

What are these numbers? These numbers are pretty unique on this day only, as numbers change everyday. But what do these numbers represent? Stats are important to a person whether it be affiliates commission, traffic stats, conversion ratio, etc.

Today these numbers represent an important factor today. For example the number 53 is unique to being in the Top 100 Money Making Blogs. This is very unique for me because when I first heard about this I was number 35! Once everyone found out about the top 100 because of Mark's Viral Strategy I was pushed down to 78. Still I was in the top 100, but I wanted to be better!

Within the past month I managed to move my stats and reputation up to number 53! My goal is to be in the top 50 then top 25. There are other very well known blogs and popular blogs up there as well. But in one month I have managed to pull my self up close to the TOP 50! That is a huge accomplishment!

With Marks' Top 100 Money Making Blogs, today he mentioned my blog costs $3,252,90. This is base off the recent sales of some money making blogs that were sold the other day. One of my blog friends Matt of Blogging Fingers sold his for $6000! His blog and others that sold within the same time frame were used as a base line for Marks calculations.

I wasn't that hungry but I managed to EAT UP 5,179 Spam Comments

Into the other numbers 5,179 were all spam comments. Blog are very popular targets for spam comments, this is due to because it is easy commercial advertising. Most blogs are attacked by comment robots or the horrible service called Buy Blog Comments.

If you click the image to the left you can see the growth of spam over the course of months. According to Akismet Stats 3,303,975,568 spams caught so far, 9,019,533 so far today (@12:12PM EST), and 92% of all comments are spam!! WOW! Every blogs are usually attacked by all spam comments. While some blogs on the internet are mostly spam blogs.

220 Posts are within my blog

Another number that is unique on this day is 220. I managed to create 220 posts within a 7 month period, which is about 1.05 posts a day! Yes, I do write almost everyday and I do not think I will ever run out of ideas. Since this blog is about my failures to success, it will log all my activities and interesting findings.

But is writing everyday beneficial? I enjoy writing about what I am doing and I think it is beneficial to my readers as well. They learn from what I have learned as well as getting a different point of view from a noob.

With all the posts I have created there has been 544 participants in discussing the multiple topics on this blog. To me I think commenter's are very important to a blog, Dave Taylor from Episode 10 of the Next Internet Millionaire says Blogs are very Search Engine Friendly. The reason I got from his speaking was if a reader leaves a comment, search engines comes back and sees new content and ranks it higher. So everyones' comment is important to a person author's blog.

With all these comments and posts they are all combined within 19 categories. In the future as this blog grows I will be compressing the categories to more general categories. As I want to get into some off line business such as real estate etc. So I will be writing about that as well, soon!

Thank You

These stats are unique for today and a majority of these numbers would not have been possible without my readers and new comers. I would like to thank all of you reading via the Feed and my blog.

To my conclusion, I only look at my stats on Sundays. The reason for this is because I do not want to be so dedicated to my stats. A new blog I cam across is Gary Conn, one of his post speaks on getting traffic to  your website, but he concentrates more on conversion, which is important. This should be concentrated on and not just looking at your stats. Stats can cause emotional stress. "WHY IS MY WEBSITE NOT GETTING TRAFFIC!" It is very common and a lot get so bummed on it and then later on decide to kill their websites. Look at your stats once and a while and do not become obsessive about them.

Ian Fernando
Involved in the internet space since 2002 and have been through the ups and downs of this online industry. I am a traveling digital nomad, media buyer, online strategist, and many more online titles.

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