6 Best WordPress GDPR Plugins to Create a GDPR Compliant Site

By Ian Fernando

More recently I have noticed that a lot of sites have upgraded their GDPR compliance agreements. You know those popups that ask you to agree about your privacy.

Maybe it is because I am currently in the EU (Budapest, Hungary) but seems like everyone is trying to avoid a hefty fine from the EU government. Facebook got hit with a $5 billion dollar fine.

So I have decided to list some of the best GDPR plugins from my research and ones that I am using on my other websites on this blog.

I love the internet but the freedom of information online had also made way for hackers and thieves to work their way into people's private information. 

Because of that, the European government mandates all businesses that operate online to protect the information of EU customers. 

If you have a running website which EU people can access, you have to make sure that the information that they share with you will be safe. 

GDPR stands for General Data Protection Regulation. It requires businesses to protect the data and privacy of EU customers. Otherwise, the business owner would have to pay millions as a fine. 

Maybe it is because I am currently in the EU (Budapest, Hungary) but seems like everyone is trying to avoid a hefty fine from the EU government. Facebook got hit with a $5 billion dollar fine.

So I have decided to list some of the best GDPR plugins from my research and ones that I am using on my other websites on this blog.

WordPress GDPR

WordPress GDPR is an all-in-one GDPR compliance plug-in. It has a One Control Privacy Center that provides your customers with all the tools they will ever need. 

WordPress GDPR has privacy settings which your customers can use so they can control their data. They will be able to classify the cookies and choose whether or not to activate them. 

This plug-in comes with a cookie pop-up that will inform your visitors that their cookies will be saved into your website. Before your website actually stores these cookies, the user would have to agree with the notice first. 

WordPress GDPR will also inform your visitors of a potential data breach as required by the law.

There is also the Forget Me feature which gives your customers the option to erase all the data and information they have shared with the website. 

This also comes with Contact DPO feature which means that you can add a form where people can send a message or consult a data privacy officer. 

You can also request for the data archives that your website obtains which will be sent through email. 

Your customers can also rectify their data if ever they feel the need to update it or they realize that they have placed the wrong information. 

WordPress GDPR also helps with policy updates because it sends the updated policies to your customers' email addresses. This is what is currently being used on this blog.

Cookie Notice

Cookie Notice provides you with a much simpler solution to GDPR policies. If you'd rather take care of everything else and just want to inform your customers that your site uses cookies, then Cookie Notice is the right GDPR plug-in for you. 

This is the one I use on my simple microsites.

It has a default cookie message but you can also customize it depending on your needs and has a redirect link in case your customer wants to learn more about the policy. 

If you're running a more dynamic website, Cookie Notice also provides features that let you animate and select the positioning of the cookie message box. You can also format the style, text, and background colors. 

Ultimate GDPR Compliance Toolkit for WordPress

The Ultimate GDPR Compliance Toolkit for WordPress is comparable to the WordPress GDPR in the sense that it also equips you and your customers with all the tools you'll need to comply with the GDPR policy. 

The Ultimate GDPR Compliance Toolkit for WordPress is compatible with much third-party e-commerce software such as Woocommerce, Buddypress plugin, Gravity Forms, Clean Talks, and many more. 

The plugin asks for customers' consent with regards to cookies collection as well as gives them the option to delete all the information they have shared with your website. They can also have data access to the information they shared with you. 

The cookie message also comes in different views and you can also customize the skin colors. 

The plugin also hosts language translations to different languages. What sets it apart from other plugins is that this one actually has professionals who manually does the translation instead of getting an auto-translation software. They give you manual translations done by actual humans. 


In Easy GDPR, you get to view the admin screen as well as the visitor screen. With that, you can better see how effective your cookie information notices are to your audience or customers. 

This plugin provides you with a cookie message that you can display on your website for new visitors. 

It also lets you categorize which cookies you can allow your customers to accept. This means you can decide if you want some cookies to be automatically activated the moment someone enters your website. 

Aside from that, there is also an option to only show the cookies information notice to visitors from the EU. 

Customers will also be able to request access to the information you stores not to mention have the option to erase their shared information with the website. 

Apart from that, they can also request to export the data that you got from them. You will also be notified if there has been a data leak. In retrospect, you will have the option to send the notification to your users.

WP GDPR Compliance

WP GDPR Compliance lets you add data consent to your website to make sure that you comply with the EU GDPR compliance policy. 

While you might need to ensure that you are already complying with the rest of the policies, WP GDPR Compliance helps keep your customers in control of their data. 

On top of that, the plugin also records and keeps tab of all the cookie consents made through your website. 

Using this plugin, your customers also get the right to access their information as well as erase their shared data.

Total GDPR Compliance - WordPress Plugin for GDPR Compatibility

Total GDPR Compliance - WordPress Plugin For GDPR Compatibility has an extra feature that lets you add a cookie code to your Google Analytics so that you'll have advanced cookie control. 

Just like the other plugins in this post, Total GDPR Compliance also lets you group your cookies in different categories. 

There is also an option to hide the cookies from visitors not coming from the EU. 

If you're maintaining a dynamic website, you can choose from three different layouts and over 30 cookie templates. 

The plugin also has 24/7 support ready to answer any concerns you may have. 

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