6 Sure-Fire Ways to Know You Are an Entrepreneur

By Ian Fernando

Guest Post
Thomas Sinfield, is a young entrepreneur that is blogging about his journey through entrepreneurship at his blog http://www.thomassinfield.com.

He has volunteered to help me with my blog by creating a well thought out way to find out if you are an entrepreneur. I actually like this type of writing because there is a sense of interaction through out the post. It keeps the reader up and thinking through out the entry. Enjoy!

1. You have a dream that has become an obsession

Entrepreneurs are dreamers! Always thinking of new was of doing things, improving the way things are currently done or dreaming about the Lamborghini they are going to buy when their business is a success.

They see people who are successful - the entrepreneurs that have gone before them, and instead of despising the luck that they had (which is what the average person does), they start dreaming about how they will become even more successful! Entrepreneurs are confident dreamers.

Once the dream has bitten, it becomes unshakable - an obsession. They then take their idea and go at it with every thing that they have.

* Does this sound like you?

2. You are unemployable

Entrepreneurs make lousy employees, not meaning to sound harsh but it is the truth.

Think about your current job - that is if you still have one! Do you enjoy it? Are you motivated and hard working, or do you spend you whole day thinking of new ways to bring more traffic to your websites or creative marketing strategies, sure to increase the turnover of your business?

The dream of becoming your own boss and working for yourself is one of the major driving factors in the entrepreneurial gene. You will never be happy working for someone else and you will always be truly happy till you are working for yourself - running your own business!

* Sound Familiar? Stop smirking! You know it's true.

3. You are not deterred by insurmountable obstacles

Entrepreneurs do not let lack of money, lack of knowledge, or lack of experience get in the way of their dream. Competition does not faze you, as you are always working out ways to be better and more effective than your competition.

Entrepreneurs do not see obstacles as problems; they see them as challenges that will make them stronger and more successful.

* I didn't lose you did I? Stick with me guys.

4. Your mind never stops

Entrepreneurs are always on the go, and always thinking. Whether it be a new idea, a new income stream, a new way to create traffic to you website or blog, anything is possible in the mind of an entrepreneur.

It doesn't turn off. The mind of an entrepreneur continues late into the night or early morning, an idea could come at anytime - usually when it is most inconvenient. But an entrepreneur wouldn't have it any other way, because he is a dreamer, a creator - his mind is his canvas.

* Still reading? Or to busy thinking up your next big break?

5. You have the uncanny ability to get other people to do all the work.

As I said before an entrepreneur is a dreamer, a creator. He thrives on the idea, but doing the work does not interest him.

So what he does is gather people around him and paints a vivid picture of his idea and is easily able to organize workers who have taken hold of the vision, and made it their own. He is a vision caster.

* How good are you at casting vision?

6. You are willing to give everything you have to make your plans succeed.

Entrepreneurs never give up! Sure they may get down, they realize that their project isn't as good as they had planned, and maybe they will have to let their project go - which is never easy - admitting you were wrong is never easy.

But a true entrepreneur never gives up; he will always bounce back stronger and more determined. Why? Because being an entrepreneur isn't just about one project or one idea, being an entrepreneur is a lifestyle, it is ingrained into his system to such a degree that he would rather keep trying in the midst of failure than to stop dreaming, than to stop thinking.

So how did you do?

What were you thinking as you were reading this? Where you smiling and nodding your head, laughing at how I just described you? If you were then congratulations, you are part of a select few. So keep learning, keep persevering and be the success you dream of!

You are an entrepreneur!

Ian Fernando
Involved in the internet space since 2002 and have been through the ups and downs of this online industry. I am a traveling digital nomad, media buyer, online strategist, and many more online titles.

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