Get Started in Affiliate Marketing

Buying ads can be hard at first. Where do you get started? These 4 videos show you how to start today.

How to Be a Reseller on Amazon FBA

Ready to get started on Amazon as a reseller? Here are the tools and mindset you need to get started on Amazon.

Resources for the Digital Marketer

I succeed by mistake and experience. Here is a list of resources for you to rapidly get started in the online space.

Let's Strategize Your Online Goals

Let talk and discuss how I can help you grow your online business whether it be with ad management or online strategies.


About Me

Ian Fernando has over a decade of experience as an digital online marketer, more specifically as an affiliate.
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Name that traffic source, that vertical – he's run it. Making a name for himself through his blog, where he helps other affiliate marketers gain insights on everything from useful tools and tips online, to what the future holds for our industry.

Latest Thoughts

Moving from a SEO/Free traffic mindset to paid was scary. Now, I am sending traffic to my blog to affiliate offers which is providing faster revenue than SEO.

Jitendra Vaswani


Ian Fernando gave it to me straight to the point. Showed me the venues of online marketing and how I can utilize traffic exposure to acquire more leads.

James WIlliams


Creating online products always needs more traffic, I took his guidance and it helped our affiliates earn more byb understanding which traffic sources work.

Jani Ghaffor

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