A 2012 Attempt at SEO Once More

By Ian Fernando

The beginning of the new year and I have been very busy with multiple things. One is making money with SEO. My first attempt last year only generated me $100 a month and it slowly declined throughout the year. Coming from the paid lead gen space to organic cost per sale, is definitely a big learning curve. So instead of me learning, I decided to bring in a virtual assistant that can do the SEO stuff for me as well as an expert SEO person which I met at Affiliate Summit.

This way I can let them do what they do best and let me do what  do best without any interruption. The goal is to be able to bring in the income to pay for these new resources I have, then of course grow.

With so many strategies for SEO and different types of Link Wheels and Pyramids and A-B-C Link exchange - its too much for me. I figured I will let someone do what they do best and do it. In any case I am going to be starting with 10 niche sites that are generic because I am going to attack it from a blog style point of view.

My goal with these sites is to make them authoritative sites. I want to get continuous traffic and repeated traffic from these sites. If I was able to do it with this blog, I should be able to replicate it. The only difference is I do not know what my strategy was for this blog.

When I made this blog, I made it with the intention to just keep a diary of my failures and rants. I didn't know it would be a blog to be reading when talking about internet marketing. I never did any link building strategy for my blog. In the beginning yes I probably did but I never followed the same model. I left blog comments, made link bait posts and videos, even guest posting - it wasn't a long term strategy.

I don't do these strategies now. I guess at that time and I will continue to do create content for you my readers and not the search engines. It is a popular saying. My buddy ShoeMoney says it all the time and I agree, if you have what the end user is looking for then they will read and come back.

I want to also keep that in mind when creating these new niche sites because I do not want to even think about Google updates and buying edu links and doing the Google dance etc. If I create something for the end user and replicate the same model I made for this blog with some obvious help then I think my 2012 attempt at SEO will do well.

My strategy for 2012 organic marketing is...

  1. Pick a main keyword focus, wrap around relative keywords
  2. After the site and pages are ranked, insert advertorials and even Adsense
  3. Start collecting leads from websites
  4. Insert textual affiliate links, CPS and even CPA
  5. Utilize the blog for reviews and comparisons

These are the ideas I have in mind currently, I am pretty sure more will come once the traffic is pouring. I just do not have the passion for organic like I do with paid traffic. I do want to start creating VREs (virtual real estate) and thinking 10 years from now.

I also want to try to do a case study between doing an SEO strategy and creating a website for the user and not search engines. I will see how that goes but YES 2012 is going to be a very busy year because I now want to think about long term online business. Doing paid advertising and lead gen for 6 years is fun, I just need a new challenge and I think this is it along with other new ventures I have planned for 2012.

Ian Fernando
Involved in the internet space since 2002 and have been through the ups and downs of this online industry. I am a traveling digital nomad, media buyer, online strategist, and many more online titles.

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