A 3 Hour Trip to JV Alert

By Ian Fernando

Just got back from Washington D.C. I was there for a Ken McArthur's JV Alert. It was a very good learning experience and met a lot of good people. This was a out of my regular realm of advertising and marketing, since I do affiliate marketing and everyone at JV Alert do Internet Marketing. So there was a big gap for me and glad JV Alert filled it in.

So what did I learn? I actually learned a lot, more so about internet marketing. There was a session on PPC marketing but it really wasn't entertaining as I was I think, the only affiliate marketer there. But I did get to talk to Anik Singal about some PPC stuff and his 2 mentors he brought along. There were some sessions that got my attention and I definitely met a lot of good people. I as welled partied heavy.


I got there a day late, Saturday. It was cooling because I really didn't know anyone that was going to be there speaking, besides Yanik Silver. But  met up with Ken McArthur the founder of JV Alert, Jani G my biz partner, and Joey Kissimmee. It was fun to meetup with these guys again.

This conference was definitely different from all the other ones I been to. Since it isn't about buying traffic or anything on the advertising side, I felt I was not going to fit in or understand anything. I definitely took a lot back though and it was very beneficial to me. Especially since I am always looking to expand.

The conference is an Internet Marketing workshop where someone speaks and teaches THEN at the end they offer something. It was like going to a crappy MLM workshop and then they get you to buy into their crappy MLM service. But the content at JV Alert was pretty powerful and it was very inspiring to listen to Joel Bauer and others. Joel definitely had a great presentation and provided a lot of new content that I was un aware of just from a business standpoint.

The PPC Section was pretty bad, I did talk to Anik prior to his session and he said it was going to be very basic and he was right, it literally was very basic. Good presentation though. Then again the audience was a different crowd than what I was use to. I am use to affiliate marketers and advertisers, these guys were all about products and services and internet marketing. Definitely out of my realm, but worth learning about it.

Other than the show, I went out to downtown DC in Georgetown and went to a bar with a couple new people such as Ryan Bessling and Jair. It was a really good night and I definitely had fun, definitely drank a lot but the half a pie pizza slice I had definitely solved that problem.

Some other new people I met were Alex Sysoef of HowtoSpoter.com and Vin Montello a really good Copywriter and some what good comedian. There were others there as well that I met and talked to, exchanged ideas, cards, etc. I may think of going to another JV Alert since this one was and had good information.

Here are some more pics:

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Thanks Ken!

Ian Fernando
Involved in the internet space since 2002 and have been through the ups and downs of this online industry. I am a traveling digital nomad, media buyer, online strategist, and many more online titles.

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