A Business Partner Helps You Expand

By Ian Fernando

Online can be a selfish game, there are a lot of people out there that think they have the secret to make money online. Better yet once they start making money they do not want to tell anyone or hold it off to themselves, why? I am grateful to have a group of people in my mastermind group to share and criticize my ideas, its helpful. These guys are not just friends, mentors, partners, or just marketers I meetup with. I consider these guys family. It is important to keep such relationship.

But also growing out of a single minded thinking can help you earn more money. I have partnered up with 3 people in the past and it has been beneficial. It has increased my income a lot as well. I recently just partnered up with a new person from my regular IANteract Meetup. The reason to have partners or I see it being beneficial is to leverage their knowledge and their expertise.

I alone, am not an expert nor do I claim to be. It is just brushed on me. I learn everyday and I enjoy learning from everyone.


There is a lot of controversy if you should have a partner but it is all about networking. If networking is about exchanging ideas and leveraging one another then partnership is no big difference. You just spend more time talking to each other about ideas and concepts than you would with a person you met at a conference.

To me partnerships takes the load off some of the work that I do. Maybe it takes a skill set that I do not have but utilize my partners to advance our project. For me it is accomplishing work load with non-skill sets. I am not a programmer but I want to create a great script, so I partner up with someone that is great at programming and work out a deal together.

Or maybe a programmer is seeking to get his product out but does not know a thing about marketing, again we work out a deal which can benefit the both of us. Partnerships is all about having a trust factor and the fact that you have a strong trust means you can trust each others work.

A partner is there to help you and keep you on point but also to help you make money. A partner gives you drive and motivation. Successful projects do well because of partnerships. If one does everything solo, that is a lot of work load on that person. Though outsourcing is an option, how can a person really expand?

The thing about partnerships that becomes a controversy is different ideas. One person wants to implement their ideas while another one doesn't like it. But since partnership have a strong bond they think if they disagree with each other the bond is broken. Not true, it should strengthen it. This puts everyone in their place and gives everyone their opinion to talk about and discuss why it may be beneficial or not.

Sometimes your partner can hold you back from goals, yes. Everyone has their own work pace, not everyone is built like you. So someones drive maybe not as strong as yours because of their skill set. That is why you have to keep on top of each other, if one is slacking then you should remind them their goals and deadline. As well as when you yourself get reminded you should not take it as "WTF", be humble and take it in consideration.

A partner is there to get you motivated to make more money and to leverage one another. It is key to make sure we are all on point with the project. If one isn't on point then the whole project is going to go bad and relationships going to go sour.

Ian Fernando
Involved in the internet space since 2002 and have been through the ups and downs of this online industry. I am a traveling digital nomad, media buyer, online strategist, and many more online titles.

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