"A Day in the Life" a Hulu Series about Successful People

By Ian Fernando

So since I do not watch TV much, I even cancelled the horrible Comcast service I had. Now I tend to just watch things on Hulu and Youtube. Over the weekend, they featured Tim Ferris on a show called "A Day in the Life" on Hulu and since I finished watching Law and Order, I decided why not and plus its Tim Ferris. I also have 2 of his books, 4 Hour Work Week and the 4 Hour Body and soon probably get the 4 Hour Chef, since in this episodes he talks a bit about it.


Now I now find this show intriguing because it is about successful people and where they started and it shows what they do on a day to day basis now. I first watch Tim Ferris and his life is very calm or he makes it very calm but it is a mix of fun activities and meetings. He is very Zen like and takes things as they grow. I also watch Richard Branson and just recently Mario Batali an Iron Chef. It is all very interesting to see where they started and where they are at now.

The one thing I found in common with everyone is they all say in one for or another, "I didn't mean to be where I am at, it just came". Mario Batali said in a ride to one of his restaurants, "all I wanted was to open 1 or 2 restaurants." It seems everything just slowly fell into their lap, the fame and the income level they deserved. Each person is also interviewed off their daily routine, and asked where they started, best advice, etc. For Tim he turns down a lot of business but consults with startups which he sees will grow an economy while getting equity in the company. He would rather work with startups that has more potential to affect a whole economy than one that will affect none. That is his passion. He likes building startups.

... he also is def a person who enjoys his health but also tries to take the shortest workout route. In his workout to the gym 20 minutes, just enough to stimulate hormones he says.

Richard Branson, says he doesn't mind being the face of the company and he literally goes out of his way to shake the hands of all his employees even if he is meeting them for the first time. Mario Batali, puts trust in the people who is running his I think 13 restaurants and as well as other business decisions. Each person interviewed puts out some sort of advice for entrepreneurs to pick up on. Mario says as a restauranteur you don't want to just have a restaurant  it is about location and affecting the community. He states, that you should try to get a restaurant in a hotel and get equity in that hotel because you are building business for that hotel, very smart.

There are a lot of great small tid bits of information. Richard Branson want to be everywhere, making sure people see him and while he does that he randomly gives out airline tickets to San Francisco to anyone who stop to chat with him. This show definitely is inspiring to see how entrepreneurs live.

Even looking at Tim Ferris home, he has a TON of books just laying around and most likely probably read. But he doesn't have a flashy 6 story home with an underground swimming pool. He does however have some pretty cool Samurai collections around his home.

Another interesting concept is they dreamed about what they wanted and got more than what they expected. Each one I watched stated they didn't expect this to all happen to them. They just wanted a small piece like 1 or 2 restaurant  or just 1 amazing published book, but more came to them because of value they brought to the community.

Also their day starts very early, I want to say most around 7am and end as an enjoyable night. No one is staying gup till 3am like us grind affiliates. I myself am a morning person and I tend to hit the bed fairly early around 11 or 12. So that was also interesting to see and compare myself to.

I want to say to watch this series, they have some artists on there who I do not care much about but I am going to end up watch the whole series because it is interesting to compare myself these successful people and see what I can relate to them and what I can improve or even start on.

If you are an entrepreneur, it is always great to see and observe people in their lifestyle you want, so go watch A day in the life on Hulu!

Ian Fernando
Involved in the internet space since 2002 and have been through the ups and downs of this online industry. I am a traveling digital nomad, media buyer, online strategist, and many more online titles.

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