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By Ian Fernando

Again I am a very busy person and I have done several things in the past which I am now finally releasing. With the introduction to the new theme, the release of Facebook Advances, and now a new website, DealDotFree.com. As you know DealDotCom is losing their touch, there are numerous ramblings and posts about how it is a scam, pointless, no use etc. They have even started using audio on their Deal of the day posts!

The idea behind DealDotFree.com came to me when I left a comment on John Chow's blog about the first product that was released. When I posted my comment another commenter replied to my comment, Simon. Here is the snapshot of the conversation.

Simon emailed me if I wanted to start a website dedicated to alternate free products that are relevant to DealDotCom's products, in the future it will be free alternative to marketing techniques. So far we have been able to find free alternatives to products that DealDotCom has been promoting.

As marketers and especially beginners and newbies, we do not want to spend big amount of dollars and later to be disappointed. There is always alternative software to scripts out there for less or even for free. DealDotFree scours the web for free alternative of DealDotCom.

We have very little time to do a lot of research and now a days everyone wants it NOW and Fast. Readers do not want to research which may take up some time. With DealDotFree, research is already done and provided as an alternative to popular marketing softwares, ebooks, scripts etc.

What Others Are Saying about DealDotCom


My apologies to the DealDotCon affiliates who are trying to make money online by convincing people to buy lame e-books, but the whole DealDotCon thing is a bit of a joke in my opinion.


Puzzled and Amazed by the $0.29 cents slash off from the original product? Please take a while to do some calculation and you will know that dealdotcom acutally gave you a deal already in their eyes.

Thomas Sinfield:

That means that DealDotCom in theory could just be using a clickbank affilate link, to purchase Keyword Elite through and reselling it at a $30 profit! It makes me wonder whether they are even cutting deals with the product owners.

What is DealDotFree About
About Section

If you have been around blogging or internet marketing circles lately, you probably know where the name came from. DealDotCom (DDC) was launched a couple of weeks ago, with a lot of hype surrounding it.

To be honest, we weren’t that impressed with what they had to offer. Why spend your money on digital products, when with a bit of research you could get something similar (and in some cases even superior) to these deals?

Whilst we don’t want to exclusively focus on DDC and its offerings, that will be our initial focal point, as we look to suggest and compare some free alternatives. We may also branch out to talk about some other great free deals we’ve found, or have been suggested to us.


Simon and I are both authors of DealDotFree and it has been live for a while now and we have decided to go ahead to start marketing this website. Since I am busy and Simon is busy with OIOPublisher, we are looking for writers to help with the website.

Getting Involved

After a trial run with a few product comparisons, we realized that there is a much better way of bringing people free alternatives to commercial products (whether they are shown off at DDC or not). We are going to let others submit content, containing their free alternatives. You as the reader probably have a lot of free alternative, sites you have been using or script you downloaded alternative to a clickbank product or a DDC product.

But, this will not be a free for all; it will be setup to help us gather content, which we will then edit to put together quality articles for publication. Let me explain how it will work:

  1. A list of DDC products will be displayed on our submit page, so people know what we have yet to write about. Users who have developed / offer free alternatives can then login and write a small excerpt about it. It should contain a description of the free product, a link to it, and a short explanation of why it is a good alternative to the commercial product.
  2. We will then cross-reference the post against the list of outstanding DDC products. If a match is found, the post will be saved, so that we can later review it, and edit it into a finished article. If a match is not found, the user will be told the post cannot be saved because a relevant match has not been found.
  3. We will then review all posts relating to a particular product, and use any content we feel is relevant and worthwhile in a published article. Users will be notified as to whether their content made it into the article or not.

Once we have built up some momentum, this should become an efficient way of building comparison articles between free and commercial products. We will retain all editing rights, so there is no danger of the site just becoming an article directory. Only 1 article will be published per product looked at, and no submitted articles will be used “as is”.

Resource: Getting People Involved

With this new website, A network of common users of internet marketing will be speaking to us about free alternatives to popular digital products which maybe found online for free. As they say 2 heads are better than one! So if there are authors out there would like to contribute visit DealDotFree.com!

Ian Fernando
Involved in the internet space since 2002 and have been through the ups and downs of this online industry. I am a traveling digital nomad, media buyer, online strategist, and many more online titles.

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