A More Detailed Tracking202 Rotation

By Ian Fernando

So testing is important, especially offers across networks or offers in a specific niche. How do you test what offers will do better? Simple, rotate them all! I use Prosper202 and I definitely enjoy using it, recently they added a rotation script within their platform. Which is a big improvement, I think anyways.

I was eager to use it and when I used it I was disappointed. Sad face. Well Tracking202 is such a great system and open source, Wes and his team can't perfect everything but the basics are there! So I improvised instead of bothering him too much. I decided to go ahead and use a really good rotation script that can provide me with good details.

First the problem with the current Tracking202 rotation script is that it doesn't tell me what offer is being seen. It just gives me my LP and the total clicks (rotation views), it doesn't break it down to what offer was rotated to be seen, now what good is that really? If I do not know what is working why rotate? I mean I can go to each network and view the subids, but why when you can get the information in one section in Tracking202?

Well, there is a simple way to see all the offers being rotated, which definitely helps. First, lets take a look at a screenshot below via Tracking202:


As you can see this is an Advance LP which breaks down all the offers that are being clicked on, or in this case rotated views. When you use the traditional Tracking202 rotation you only get the first line and that is it, it does not show you the offers being rotated. It beats the purpose of rotating multiple offers.

This way we can see all the offers we are rotating and see which one gets the most clicks and which one provides the most leads, giving us a birds eye view of what offer is doing better over the others. This way I can see what offer to really push harder than the others.

So how do you do this without using the original Tracking202 rotation that is currently built in? Simple, we just make an Advance LP with a rotation script in it. This way it loads the JS script which Tracking202 provides you with and the link of all the offers. Simple. We just need to gather all the links and then find out which offer does better.

Here is what is needed:

  1. text file named links.txt
  2. rotate.php

That is all. Within the links.txt you need to just enter all the offers or the Tracking202 links within the text file, each line would be a offer link in the text file.

Now the rotate.php file or index.php file will have the meta refresh tag in it. Below your .php would look like this:

<meta http-equiv="refresh" content="0;url=

$file = file('links.txt');
foreach($file as $url)
$url = trim($url);
$urls[] = $url;
$max = count($urls) - 1;
$rand = rand(0,$max);
echo $urls[$rand];

" />


So what this does is basically checks the text file (which needs to be in he same directory), randomly picks a URL then puts it in the meta refresh, waits 0 seconds then redirects to the proper offer. Now the best part is that the T202 JS gets picked up and it will load on T202 side, so you now can see the detailed offers or what offers were viewed.

So now instead of just seeing a one line offer and not know which offer is really converting, you now can see which offers were viewed via rotation and which one converts, similar to the above image.

Now why is this important? Well, you want to have visibility, without visibility you can't make educated decisions. With out any decisions you cant make money, without money, can't make anymore good investments. So visibility is important.

Hope this was a good for you guys. BTW - Tracking202 Guys are Great!

Ian Fernando
Involved in the internet space since 2002 and have been through the ups and downs of this online industry. I am a traveling digital nomad, media buyer, online strategist, and many more online titles.

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