A Rapid Flow of Clicks from Clickriver!

By Ian Fernando

So I have been playing around with a lot of different types of advertising besides Google. I have been playing around with Yahoo! Search Marketing and I have also played around with Adsonar. Well today I am releasing a report on a service that I have been using and currently still using, which brings me good CTR and conversions. I use most of my affiliate links here as well and this program gave me the best results in December of 2007!

Introducing Clickriver, a PPC marketing structure by Amazon.com. I have been using this program I think end of November or early December. I was introduced to this program by Ms. Danielle and she enjoys this system very much. After some thought and advertising on Adwords I went a head and joined the Clickriver network. Literally to my surprise I was getting high click through rates (CTR). I went to my affiliate networks and saw money, immediately. Already I was easily making money with this system. I kept this to myself because I was kind of cautious about this system.

Clickriver is not the regular Adwords system. The ads are located at the footer of the search pages or category sections. To me when I first started with the system, I didn't think I would be getting a lot of high CTR because the ads are at the bottom of all the pages.

Well, I was wrong! After several minutes I was getting a good CTR ranging from 1% to 8%! I was really surprise, maybe because it was the holiday season?

Clickriver proved to be very easy to use and simplistic for the newbies of PPC marketing. This system is so closely similar to Adwords or Y!SM. You bid on keywords and let it run, after it runs it tells you how far you are rank and if you want to spend more money on a specific keyword or not. This system is like idiot 'noobie proof.' If you are a newbie to PPC marketing I suggest you read about it first before attempting to do so or download my free report explaining the benefits and structural base of Clickriver.

Clickriver is a PPC system, you bid on specific keywords similar to Google Adwords. You create your ads, set a daily budget, and let it go. It is a fairly simple system. I really recommend this system to all beginners of PPC marketing because it is straight to the point and straight forward. You can easily learn this system within 10 minutes of just playing around and experimenting.

One of the best parts that I enjoyed about Clickriver is the high competitive keywords priced at such a low cost! In this report I explain the advantages of spending pennies on a high competitive keyword which Google Adwords may charge you dollars per click!

So for those newbies that do not want to spend more than 50$ a day or even 10$ a day can still see high CTRs and even conversions. With Google Adwords your ads may not even be seen! The reason for the high CTR(s) and conversions is:

Amazon.com marketplace customers are active spenders and sophisticated internet users. According to Nielsen//NetRatings, more than 85% are likely to have made a purchase online in the last 30 days — nearly 45% more than on the leading search engines.

That is amazing stats 85% are likely to have made a purchase, makes sense right. Customers are going to Amazon.com with intentions to buy. This is very powerful I think because if I search 'wine galleries' in Google or Yahoo, I may be just searching for topics to read on or view pictures. A customer searching for the same keyword in Amazon.com will more likely to buy something because he could have gone to Google to just research what he wants, instead he is looking to purchase something.

Now '45% more than on the leading search engines.' using the same example above, a person use search engines to research on a topic most do not have any intentions to buy something. So think about it your Google Ads are just being wasted and are not being properly used to its full potential. You are spending a lot of money to be on the first page with no one really wanting to buy anything. Why spend more money with poor results? Shouldn't you be spending less money with better and greater results?

Clickriver is mentioned as an 'Under the Radar System' because no one heard or knows what it was. No one speaks about it on the blogosphere. No one mentions to use it as a PPC tool or as a secondary resource. No one uses it adjacent to YSM or Adwords. There are very few people using and taking advantage of Clickriver right now, just read some interesting blog posts below:

SlyMarketing says:

Well, you should probably think about the people who are surfing at Amazon, they are looking to buy a book or a dvd or something else. Their wallets are open, they are usually just looking for the right stuff to buy or they are browsing for the price tag....

PPC Advice says:

Perhaps for a targeted effort on Amazon's clickriver, for example, you might spend only .50 cents a visitor, but get highly targeted traffic...

WeberBooks says:

It's much easier to use than Google Adwords. The interface is clean and it reponds fast. If you ask for a keyword, you'll start getting impressions within a few minutes. It's also relatively cheap -- you can buy impressions on practically any keyword(s) for 10 cents per click.

Some of these blogs say they rather use Adwords or Clickriver, the benefit of Clickriver is it is simple to use and you benefit from target traffic with customers wanting to buy something. Leveraging the traffic from Clickriver can lead you to a good understanding of what PPC marketing is all about. It gives the newbies a step up into the PPC marketing environment.

Ian Fernando
Involved in the internet space since 2002 and have been through the ups and downs of this online industry. I am a traveling digital nomad, media buyer, online strategist, and many more online titles.

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