A Successful Launch: A Basic Break Down

By Ian Fernando

A while ago Jani and I have released a new info product to the twittersphere. It was a successful launch. I also recently released Twitter Snipe as well. So I decided to go ahead and talk maybe how to do a product launch via just social traffic. Now it may not be one of those John Reese 1 million dollar profit in a couple hours but we are getting close to it. 😉

So anyways this post will be brief and talk about some basics stuff to a pre launch of a product or web service or even a new blog. Most of the traffic either came from a list that we have built or virally spreading the hype. There are certain aspects I guess when it comes to pre launching a product.

Below is a screenshot of my inbox of the sales of Twitter Traffic Exposed.

twitter traffic exposed

Now that I got you excited I will break down some pre launch and launch phases that I have done. During this week, I will post about each individual tactic that I used during this week. There are bunch of things that needs to be done on launch, with yur sales letter, pre launching, and post launch.

If you know, Jeff Walker has recently released Product Launch Formula. His product is very powerful and I definitely recommend it. But I can show you some tactics that I use to get a nice return on launch day and to easily follow up with your leads after launch.

Below are some key things I will talk about this week or coming days, but I will give you a small breakdown of the method talked.

  • Write your sales letter for 3 types of people visiting your site.
    There are 3 types of users that comes to your sales page. They are the naive readers, the scrollers, and the visualizers. Each has to be targeted everytime you write your sales letter,because each user sees something different.
  • Create scarcity
    Creating a scarcity helps boost sales literally right away within seconds of your launch. It creates the tension to the buyer if they should buy now or later.
  • Add social proof
    Social proof makes you more credible, without it means you do not make any sales or even have a brand that is trustworthy. With creating a social proof you put yourself out there as an expert.
  • Creating some type of 'yes' funnel system
    Someone that visits your site, already said yes. Now you just have to funnel that to a buyer. These users are dedicated at pre launch, so they wil be following up with you, saying yes everytime to what you are doing. It is just turning those users to buyes.
  • Adding testimonials for social proof
    Social proof is important as I stated. Testimonials are important because you gave your product out to test out and play with to other users. They have teh experience to talk about the product and can vouch for you and your product.
  • Adding video to create and build trust
    Building brand is important and gainin trust. Video gives you the leverage to automatically gain trust and credibility because you are live and not selling in text. It feels to the end user as of you are talking to them.
  • Build brand with introduction and closing statements
    A new user that comes to your sales page does not know who you are or even know if you are an expert. Giving them some sort of small introduction gives them the security that you do know what you are taking about.
  • Create imagery with lists
    A sales page is not complete with a list. A list quickly attract teh eyes and a users attention. If you have a good list then you can point out what are the benefits of your product.
  • Provide an easy flow Timeline
    There is a way to write your sales letter and there has to be a flow going to the buy or purchase button. There has to be way for someone to figure out the problem your product is solving and why it is better than what is already out there.
  • Proof of Product at work
    Case studies of your product or method at work is the best way to show someone how it works and that your system works solid. Proving to a user that your system is flawless is the main key, especially differentiating it from other system that are currently out.

These are somethings to think about. I will talk about some things during this week and go more in depth about each method stated above.

Ian Fernando
Involved in the internet space since 2002 and have been through the ups and downs of this online industry. I am a traveling digital nomad, media buyer, online strategist, and many more online titles.

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