A Visit to the Market Leverage Office

By Ian Fernando

The first time in Orlando I contacted my cousin to grab me from the airport. I came to the hotel and it was pouring rain. But after the rain I contacted Erick from Market Leverage and asked if their office is open for me to visit. I also asked Eric if there was food there, I mean airport food and plane food isn't really that great! Erick said there is tons.

I got the address from Eric and then grabbed a cab to head over to their office. Wow Florida cabs are really expensive, but I finally got there and was really impressed with their office. It also appeared that Jeremy aka ShoeMoney was there as well. It was great meeting up with Jeremy again and just to talk. I get to meet my AM Michael Kelly, I even get to meet Eric, Dina, and Debby! It was great to meet everyone.

At the office, I get to talk to Michael Jenkins, the CEO of Precision Play Media. Michael is a great guy. He showed me old pictures of his old office and it was crazy tiny, compared to the new office. I explained to him my new project in affiliate marketing and enjoyed my idea. He then went out of his way to get his tech guy to talk to me personally about the API backend. He also started to talk about Direct Track and how I hate it so much. We also even discuss how I started on the internet and how strange it is.

That same day I also did an interview with Debby and talked a little about AFFpinions.com and even other projects I am currently doing. The interview was pretty good and I know ShoeMoney was being interviewed as well.

Well, I went home that day and the next day I went and visited the office again. I got to play Nintendo WII and meet up with a reader. Market Leverage was hosting a Blogger Lucheon but flights were delayed and some bloggers were not able to make it. It did not matter to me I got to meet up with the President of Market Leverage as well and hang out with all the AMs and how they work super hard...

I want to thank Michael Jenkins, Erick, Dina, Debby, and everyone at PPM and Market Leverage for letting me visit and eating their food. It was great to collaborate with everyone!

Watch the Video of the office.

Ian Fernando
Involved in the internet space since 2002 and have been through the ups and downs of this online industry. I am a traveling digital nomad, media buyer, online strategist, and many more online titles.

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