A Visit to the MediaTrust HeadQuarters

By Ian Fernando

Prior to my vacation to Morocco, Peter Bordes invited me to visit his office in NY. I was excited but we were unable to properly plan a visit. I finally made it back from Morocco and today visited the office. It was a cold day in NY but I finally made it to their office. Funny part is the day I got back Peter recently got back from Mexico.

When I first arrived, I thought I was at the wrong office, but I saw the MediaTrust logo - the problem was there was no one in the office, or it seemed that way. Well I rang the doorbell and someone greeted me in. I waited for about a couple seconds and got introduced to Glenn and Peter himself.

We went into a mini conference room and we all got comfortable and just started conversing about affiliate marketing and how it can be better. It was just an open forum type of conversation and it was definitely entertaining and educational.


We talked about a lot of things and congratulated them on their new Advaliant Interface. I also asked Peter about certain aspects of their company and even asked some technical information on a project I been working on. I would like to put their network on this service I have been working on for quite sometime now.

As far as topic of discussions, we discussed what we need, as in we I mean affiliates/publishers. I provided examples on things which will be helpful to their network and even to all affiliates. We talked about the industry and how it affects us as marketers. There was a big discussion on where the affiliate industry is taking our industry. We talked about more and more people joining affiliate networks because of the recession and more people are jumping into our industry to help with their income.

We talked a lot and I gave my 2 cents to certain topics from an affiliate's point of view. But the best part is I talked to everyone, guess I am just a friendly person. I talked to several employees of Mediatrust that can be beneficial to my readers. In the next coming days, I have interviews from the business side of a network and how they deal with certain situations.

In the coming days, interviews about Acai/ Google Cash and FTC, gathering exclusive offers, and general about the industry. Look forward to it all. But for now here is a video of my visit to the office. If you are not familiar with Advaliant or MediaTrust, I suggest visiting their site for more information.

Ian Fernando
Involved in the internet space since 2002 and have been through the ups and downs of this online industry. I am a traveling digital nomad, media buyer, online strategist, and many more online titles.

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