Who is Ian Fernando?

Digital Marketing Nomad

Hi! I am an online marketer. From creating my first eBook to generating revenue through paid ads.

A SnapShot Bio

I have been an affiliate/online marketer for many years which has helped me expand into many revenue-driven ideas. With the focus on execution, I love taking an idea and making it a reality. Name an online revenue model and I probably attempted it. Through my blog, I share my ideas and insights about online marketing to discussions about life.

Open Seat at a Digital Nomad Event about Life Overseas - Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam

What I Do on the Internet

a high overview of what I have done on the world wide web.

Media Buyer

Buying every type of traffic source to help increase my affiliate sales and eCom product growth. From Facebook to Google to Amazon.

Lead Generation

Finding targeted leads and converting them into actionable prospects. Stimulating the leads overtime to get the reults needed.

Amazon FBA

Expanding into eCom, I utilize Amazon's vast logistics to resell brands and products to get to their consumers. This is now automated.

Product Creation

From white-label to digital creations, I have created several of my own products online and have also sold a SaaS business in 2013.

Arbitrage Reseller

Finding branded products online and reselling at a higher on-demand price. Print on Demand or Branded items, I have sold items on Amazon, eBay, Etsy, etc.

Data Monetization

Whether it is eMail marketing, Push, or SMS. I leverage the data to get the max potential revenue by categorizing prospects into actionable results.

International Speaker

I do not have slides, I speak from my mind and heart. I will be the first to let you know that I do not know about a topic, which makes a great conversation after.

Growth Strategy

Being a well-rounded online marketer, I help create a strategies base on the goal and resources available. Love a challenge to create growth!

I have worked with him through my marketing company and he has been able to help us streamline several ways in which we work with clients. I would highly recommend that he is used for his consulting services.

Noelle Stary

Ian Fernando is someone that has grown to be considered one of the BEST! His knowledge of funnel optimization, monetizing traffic, paid media are only a few things that set Ian apart from the rest.

Rodney Granderson

I met Ian few times at events and I also did his interview on my blog, his knowledge in affiliate marketing specially Facebook ads is in-depth, he is Facebook ad expert and kind of knowledge he deliver on his blog is superb

Jitendra Vaswani