15+ Years in the Media Buying Space, I am an OG.

Ready to let go of your crappy Ads?

Allow Me to Strategize Your Campaigns, Keep Track of Spend, and Optimize Your Presence Online

Hi, I'm Ian Fernando, industry influencer in the online marketing space. Currently in the online advertising space for more than 15 years with a focus on conversions. Yes, governor I buy ads. 

Why Let Me Run Your Ads?

Relationship and Transparency is Key

Who you are and what your goals are? This is the first step to understanding how you and your business want to be perceived. Keeping an open transcript with you builds trust.

Device Plus Demographic Targeting

Data is an important part of an ad campaign, it isn't just about the money spent but where and how is it being spent. You want to make sure your ads are visible to users who want to click.

Your Skill Sets Are Different

You are good at what you do with your business. I know I am good at buying and managing ads. Let us put our skills to where it fits and work together on your business goals.

Ad Planning and Ad Scaling is the Game

There are a lot of traffic sources out there. Facebook and Google are the most popular but you can reach a wider audience by expanding your ads to other media platforms. I'll show you.

Who Has Been Talking About Me...

I have worked with him through my marketing company and he has been able to help us streamline several ways in which we work with clients. I would highly recommend that he is used for his consulting services.

Noelle Stary

I met Ian few times at events and I also did his interview on my blog, his knowledge in affiliate marketing specially Facebook ads is in-depth, he is Facebook ad expert and kind of knowledge he deliver on his blog is superb

Jitendra Vaswani

Ian Fernando is someone that has grown to be considered one of the BEST! His knowledge of funnel optimization, monetizing traffic, paid media are only a few things that set Ian apart from the rest.

Rodney Granderson

I have great respect for Ian as an entrepreneur and innovator in the affiliate marketing industry. His work ethic, people skills, and honesty are rare traits to find in digital marketing.

Peter Hamilton

Why Finally Let Me Manage Your Ads? 

The goal of your ads is not just to drive traffic to your website. It is also to create leads and turn them into conversions.

Creating High Click Through Ads

Ad copy and landing page copy is a very important factor you want to attract the best leads who wants your product or services.

Build a Landing Page

Nee a landing page? Do not worry I have a team that can create a fully engaging page and I will even host them for you on my platforms.

Drive Highly Target Traffic

Creative ads and angles is the key to advertising. Getting the clicks are important but making sure they are qualified to convert is the key.

Ad Spying, I have My Own Tools
Keyword Research
Competition Analysis
Manage Ad Spend
Manage Ad Createives
Google Pixel Management
Retargeting Ad Management
Facebook Pixel Management
Campaign Optimization
Ad Copy and Landing Page Copy
Landing Page Design Optimization
Ad Automation, I have my Own Tools
Reporting of Ad Campaigns
Budget Planning and Bidding
Ad Scaling and Expansion

The Only Mistake is Not Sending Me a Message.

It might be tough letting go of your ads. Wouldn't it better if it was with someone that wants to manage your ads? Let's chat and see where were can work together. A quick eMail message of what your ad spend is all that is needed.

If you do not want to send me a message no worries, just make sure after you exit this page to look over your ads.

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