Ad Tech Day 2: Keynote and The Next Internet Party

By Ian Fernando

After a night of heavy partying, I manage to get up to day 2 of Ad-Tech and visit the keynote. I was late and I was super tired – but I made it. The third keynote was what caught my attention the most because the panelists were all kids from age 15-24. The topic of discussion was about the digital age and how it appeals to the 2nd generation.

Now a days there are devices which houses a pc, your cell phone, the Internet, your movies, your music, etc. The questions ranged from digital advertising to ads that helped humanity. I do not know if the kids were acting on peers or base on their true desire – to me some questions would have been answered differently by an average student or kid.

One panelists I actually believed in a lot because he was very straight to the point with his answers, especially ads on and how Facebook apps are killing the Facebook social communities. Others also speak about games that lead to a better cause such as Free Rice.

But some also disagree that having 1 universal device is a bad thing, losing that specific device means you will lose your data. Each device shows that a person is, a cell phone and the type of ring tone, the pc and the wallpaper, the digital photography group he/she joined online, the type of social communities that were joined, etc. The digital age is now upon us and seems to have a bigger effect on the 2nd generation, seeing more users online than kids at a local mall.

Right from the keynote I was starving I didn’t eat anything because I wanted to get in time to the keynote that morning. So Wes and I saw AffSpy and we decided to tag lunch with them. They did not have a booth this year but had models walking around promoting AffSpy.

After lunch I went to the exhibit hall and some people stopped me. People I have met at Affiliate Summit West and even some networks that recognized my ‘face’ from my blog – forget the cold calls – they get you at the conventions!

Also another network approached me and wanted to discuss about me running on their network after they have read the blog post about Azoogle Publisher Appreciation Day. We talked and for a little bit and then I went a head and decided to go to the exhibit hall one more time to just see what is new and go to booths that I was not able to because of the over crowded lanes. But for some reason the 2nd day was more traffic than the first and I am not sure why, assuming every one came later the first day and now are engaging on the second day.

I did not stay long at the exhibit hall this time, I was tired from the day of and I headed back to my room and just drop dead asleep on my bed.

Later that night Wes and I met up with Danielle, Garrette, Greg, Bob and Ian Lee for dinner. Dinner was exciting - I almost got beat up by Greg’s girlfriend’s sister! Bob was doing the Chowing (taking pictures of his food), while Wes was talking to Garrette about hacking into his website. I also talked to Greg about affiliate marketing as he is also getting into it – funny how his girlfriend wants him to have a job.

After dinner some left and some decided to go to The Next Internet Party, the party was nice – it was held at Club Temple in San Francisco and they actually played good music and I of course took over the dance floor with Ms. Danielle. After the party I decided to take my separate ways since my flight was early the next day. I didn’t want to stay out too late and miss my flight.

I got back to the hotel and I packed all my stuff. I didn’t get a lot of freebies this time nor did I try to exchange business cards too much with affiliate networks either. Only people that I wanted to meet and wanted to contact I exchange information. I kind of learned my lesson from Affiliate Summit.

Ian Fernando
Involved in the internet space since 2002 and have been through the ups and downs of this online industry. I am a traveling digital nomad, media buyer, online strategist, and many more online titles.

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