adCenter Competitive Advantage Workshop

By Ian Fernando

This morning one of my affiliate friends pinged me and told me about adCenter Competitive Advantage Training in New York. Since I am having a piss off hard time with Microsoft adCenter I decided to join, I mean its dirt cheap! The speaker at this training session is Mary O'Brien. I have not personally heard of her but I do not mind learning from an expert.

There are three sessions: a morning, afternoon, and full. I will be registering for the full sessions since it is only 150$. Wow that is amazing! The best part is if you have a promotional code you get 100$ towards your MSN account! Now that means I only really paid for this sessions at the price of $50! Now you can't beat that at all.

New York is not just the only place they are having this. They are currently having these sessions elsewhere across the states. You can register to the following places:

  • June 17, 2008: New York – Doubletree Metropolitan
  • June 19, 2008: Los Angeles Sheraton Gateway Los Angeles
  • July 1, 2008: Chicago Hyatt Lodge at McDonald's Campus

I ofcourse will be going to the one in New York. Since it is right there for me. The only problem is I am going to the full session, so I have to wake up super early and catch the train, I don't drive in to NY. The full sessions or morning sessions starts at 7am! WOW!

If you Register now, you will receive up to $100 in credit towards your adCenter search campaign. Use the offer that is listed on the page to qualify for the 100$ credit towards your adcenter account. Below is the list of sessions and schedule I will be going through on the 17th of June.

Morning Session: Pay Per Click Essentials for Beginners

  • Microsoft adCenter Essentials: Discover the best way to organize your campaigns. Learn common search marketing terms.
  • Keywords Strategies: Develop strategies that maximize your advertising budget.
  • Creating Effective Ad Copy: Master the art of crafting messages that turns clickers into customers.
  • Account Navigation: Take a tour of the full adCenter toolkit, and learn how to maximize the pulling power of the assets in your account.

Afternoon Session: Pay Per Click Power Strategies for Advanced Users

  • Tracking Results: Identify ads and keywords that really work, and learn to improve those that don't.
  • Advanced Targeting: Find out how precision consumer targeting from adCenter can focus your campaigns on your most valuable customer segments.
  • Advanced Bidding Options: Become the master of better bidding, including CPM bidding, optimizing budgets, and positioning preference tools.
  • New Tools Outlook: Find out about our new Microsoft adCenter Desktop Beta and our Add-In tool for Microsoft Office Excel® 2007

If you are attending let me know and we can meet up. I will be meeting some affiliates in the New York area to join and exchange ideas and even just go through the workshop. I suggests registering because its only $50, with the promotional code!

Source of information: adCenter Blog

Ian Fernando
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