AdRoots Click Tracking is What I Have Been Working on the Past Year

This is pretty cool, I am releasing a new software! Yay!

I have been wanting to release my own tracker for a while now, but I have always questioned it because of the saturation of the space. I was the first to detect bad networks with my link checker tool, OfferSnitch. A link checking system that checks for changes in the final destination.

It checked for changes in hop links to the size of the actual landing page. This helped me save a lot of money by making sure networks stayed true and advertisers wasn’t rotating using my traffic to test.

Now it has been 5 years since and I decided to get back in the software space. The video above is basically my first time using Facebook Live. I used a tool to stream my desktop and it def was a great way to get to market pretty fast.

At the time of this writing I had just under 100 views. Anyways, I used the opportunity to talk about my new click tracker,

I believe it is the next phase in the evolution of tracking. We are solving one very unique thing with tracking and I think it will change everything on how we manage our links. It has taken me 1 year to develop this. Actually it has taken me 1 year to convert my personal tracker to a SaaS compliant software.

Take a look at the tracker and let me know what you think. You have questions, go ahead and ask. The video above breaks down the tracker at the macros level as I just wanted to intro it to the market. I hope over the next couple days I will continue to do more Facebook Live demo of the tracker and break down its strong points.

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