Ads in Your Face Like... BLAM!

By Ian Fernando

Lately, there has been a lot of talk about incentives and gateways. I have never did any incentive offers or even done gateways. I have seen gateways before and incentive style sites, I personally never took the approach in doing them. I found it interesting you can force someone to do what you want as long as you provide something they want. Similar to a squeeze page, forcing the end user to enter their email for a free video or document.

Gateway incentives work in the same way. I recently joined Blam Ads to test it out and see how beneficial it can be to an affiliate. So I am just going to go over some aspects of what Blam Ads has to offer for the affiliate. I already have a site built around Blam Ads as well, so it will make a good case study if gateways are the way to go.

BLAM! Ads is run by the man himself Ryan Eagle. If you know Eagle then you know how motivated he is when it comes to ballin out of control. His watches are so cold, winter is scared to even pass him during the winter season. That is something Eagle would say. Anyways, I worked with his other network, Eagle Web Assets, which is a private network. I can say if he is dedicated to his first network then he is more hungry with his second.

Since he is scaling, Eagle decided to start a new network and take advantage of a trend that has been happening recently, incentive traffic. From his first network, he learned how to handle and work with affiliates and now he is scaling up with BLAM Ads! This specific network is made specifically for incentive traffic.

What is Incentive Traffic?

Incentive traffic is where the end user has to fill out an offer to receive what he is after. For example, if you ever wanted to watch a movie online that has not been released. A gateway popups stating you have to participate in 1-2 offers to remove the overlay popup. This is a gateway, which is providing the end user with a movie after they participate in an affiliate offer or lead gen.

In essence if you ever did a squeeze page asking for the end users email address in order for them to receive a download, that is very similar to what BLAM Ads gateway can do for you.

The payouts for these lead gens or offers are typically lower than traditional offers of similar value. But it proves to be powerful when put in a demanding trend.

The Gateway

This is a typical gateway which populates an overlay box over the protected content. The content can be almost anything that is in demand: videos, torrents, games, downloads, etc. This gateway protects the actual content and in order for the end user to see or receive what is behind this gateway they need to participate in a single offer above.

Blam Ads has an easy to use interface in creating your gateway and how you want it to look like. The above gateway is something I created for a trending topic. I can add as many offers as I want and make the end user participate in more than one offer. It is highly customizable and the best part is you can create multiple gateways, especially if you want to test and rotate design concepts.

They also have a ton of incentive offers which you can add to your gateway. The best part is you when you update your gateway, the gateway is updated in real time. No need for you to update your JS code at all or the site, the gateway is updated in real time.

Check out their blog to get some updates and just like EWA, follow their Twitter account to see what is performing and get suggestions on whats performing. Eagle is always on top of things and wants will help you with what you need. I have talked to my AM at Blam Ads and he has already helped and suggested some tips to help me improve my gateway site.

Also when I had a concern I was able to provide him feedback and in which he brought the attention to the team. Impressive. If you do not know Ryan Eagle personally, then you should test out the network and test out how incentive offers and gateways can work for you. The best part is if you have a great niche site, a gateway can be a great way for you to earn extra cash.

I am still in the testing phases of utilizing gateways for my first time, so I will provide feedback and case studies on how well I am doing with it. Make sure you check out Blam! Ads!

Ian Fernando
Involved in the internet space since 2002 and have been through the ups and downs of this online industry. I am a traveling digital nomad, media buyer, online strategist, and many more online titles.

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