Ads4Dough Meetup 2012 in San Diego

By Ian Fernando

This past weekend I went to the West to visit my buddy Smax, Jason Akatiff, from Ads4Dough. He hosted a meetup in San Diego and it included some top affiliates within our industry. Smax had one last year in which I was unable to attend, so this year I wanted to make sure I mad it to this one in 2012.

The A4D meetup is a full day of training and sessions of tactics taught by actual affiliates and most underground affiliates at that. It started at 9am and NickyCakes was first to discuss his strategies on how he builds a campaign. Several strategies were discussed and even showed us some sites he monetizes and how he would go a bout doing so.

There were also other great speakers who talked about their specialities. One sessions I enjoyed was taking and growing your affiliate business and turning or growing into a bigger business with employees. Stefan from Zeetomax explained how he expanded from a 2 man shop into a 55 employee company. Very impressive.

The best part about this meetup is everyone at this meetup was an affiliate and a person that has done substantial amount in the industry. Ads4Dough meetup is totally different from the traditional adTech and Affiliate Summits. These shows are great but this meetup has a concentration of affiliates; no networks, vendors, agencies, etc. Everyone was an affiliate who has made a good amount within the affiliate industry.

Lots of topics were discussed from FTC cases to media buying strategies. There was a lot of great information, if you missed out this year I recommend going to the next one. I missed last year's and I made sure I attend this years meetup. There was definitely a full house of affiliates ready to share information on how they make money with affiliate marketing or in some way within this industry.

There was a lot of discussion around testing, mobile, media buying, and conversions. I definitely took a lot away from this meetup and I def want to thank Jason for having such a meetup for affiliates to help us expand our ideas and putting us together once a year.

The best part is most of the speakers are heavy hitting affiliates or were affiliates and have branched off into their own property such as a network or a new business within the performance industry space. Each one of these speakers spoke with high strategy and I appreciate each and everyone of their talks.

Here are pictures from yesterday's Ads4Dough Meetup:

I want to thank Jason again for having such a meetup. I talk about how having meetups and hangouts with your peers is very important because it helps you grow as a person and helps you grow your own business. Jason did a great job of getting top affiliates and putting them in one room to basically help expand their current affiliate business. Thanks again!

Ian Fernando
Involved in the internet space since 2002 and have been through the ups and downs of this online industry. I am a traveling digital nomad, media buyer, online strategist, and many more online titles.

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