adtech London 2012 Wrap Up and Craziness

By Ian Fernando

After the Adsimilist Meetup, I traveled to London for the adtech London show. I basically took a train which was only a 2 hour ride. I did some work and typed up the Adsimilis blog post. I got to London and get settled in my Airbnb spot. Once I was comfortable, I went ahead to the show. To my surprise adtech London is a small show, I walked the whole show floor about 5 times in about 20 minutes. I met up with the NJ crew Rohail and Gabe and we went out to grab some lunch. Amazing Persian food.

I met a bunch of people such as Smax from A4D, Scott from, the HasOffers team, and several wondering affiliates and advertisers. Again to my surprise not a lot of affiliates were at this show. There were very few networks as well. The only big thing I saw and which is why I go to an adtech show are the amount of new technology being put out there for digital marketers such as traffic sources, data collection, monetization outlets, etc.

The show is definitely small, but I go there to network and find new sources of traffic and see what new technology is out there. One aspect is the growth of mobile traffic networks. The sad part is they are all getting their traffic from other networks which is also then brokered. So an RTB platform rebrokered like affiliate offers, bad business I think.

After the show, I went back to my apartment and then relaxed until I decided to get dinner and walk around London for a bit. I got me the traditional fish and chips, because I am in London I guess. Not really sure why this is the thing to buy when in London. Well anyways, I did and it really didn't seem any different from what I can get at a traditional restaurant. After walking around a bit, I walked to one of the parties and met up with Oliver Kenyon from We chatted it up and talked about making lots of money. We have a couple things planned in the works and I am looking forward to doing something with CPAFix soon!

... read CPAFix wrap up and see naughty pictures of me at the party!

After a couple drinks at the bar, we just relaxed and I decided to get a massage while I was there. Why not, I been traveling for awhile. After the bar, we started to head out to the EngagedBDR party and that turned out to be a solid party ofcourse. Ted did a great job at getting his company out and ofcourse the party. Beside the party me and Ted talked about the RTB platform and he kept it real with what will be happening with their platform soon!

At the party there was a lot more networks that I didn't see at adtech, I assume they did their walk around scouting for affiliates and advertisers.

The EngageBDR party was great and after we went out to find some food. In London everything seemed to close at 1am. We couldn't find any food! We literally walked for almost an hour till we found chinese food and we finally relaxed and chilled and tried to sober up.

Overall adtech London is a small show but networking with entrepreneurs from the UK and with blog readers as well is a great way to extend my reach to readers. Also just getting in a true face to face conversation with them plays a big difference rather than a skype chat. Like I said, I talked to Oliver over skype but chatting at a convention is far more greater and powerful. Glad I was able to make it out to London. I did a bit of sight seeing myself.

.... btw writing this on some redbull a coffe from Starbucks ... still heavily jet lagged.

Ian Fernando
Involved in the internet space since 2002 and have been through the ups and downs of this online industry. I am a traveling digital nomad, media buyer, online strategist, and many more online titles.

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