Adtech NY: 2010: Crowded than Ever!

By Ian Fernando

I just landed in Chicago and I am chillin with Jason Rubacky before tonight's meetup. I want to make sure I get my blog post about adtech before I get back to Jersey. Yesterday was Adtech 2010 at the Javitz center in NY and there seemed to be more people than ever. Adtech is a show to go to when you want to expand and get more ideas and traffic sources.

Affiliate Summit and Adtech are the 2 conferences I will almost never miss. This year it was no different, I met with more direct advertisers and created stronger relationships with my current ones and friends in the industry. Even though I go to these conferences to show my face, I use it to strengthen bonds and friendships. Plus I am very social person and I like to talk to people outside of my house and with the same mindset as me.

I went to adtech with my buddy who I am training into being a Jedi affiliate marketer and we came in miday. My main goal was to talk to new traffic sources and ofcourse to talk to Facebook. To my surprise and I bet to all the affiliates that attended, Facebook was not exhibiting at Adtech. Interesting. Guess they do not want to deal with affiliates and the complaints anymore. I know when I was at Adtech San Fran I complained about my account.

Anyways, I talked to LinkedIn and discuss their 2$ clicks and why having a tightly niche industry doesn't mean quality traffic. They seem to disagree with me, but they were giving out $250 coupons to people, I didn't bother taking any because testing $2 clicks isn't really worth any affiliates time.

I talked to some of my advertisers and met with some new ones. I also got to meet up with a bunch of other great friends and affiliates in the industry such as: Ad Hustler, Eric Ngo, Ryan Gray, Lorenzo, Riley Pool, Jason Atkatiff, Kris Trujillo, Convert2Media, Elite Clicks Media, Clickbooth, etc. Always great meeting up with friends in the industry. Actually got some great thoughts about the industry and what is going on and where it maybe going from these guys.

After all my meetings and chillin - Ad Hustler and I went to meet with Shawn at his Affiliate Summit meetup at Old Castle. It was a good crowd and always great talking to Shawn Collins. Shawn actually shared an interesting Facebook campaign with me and I was actually very impress. Good stuff Shawn!

After the meetup we headed out to dinner with Elite Clicks Media and they got a limo out for us and we went out to eat at Sparky's Steahouse where Gotti was shot at.

The dinner was amazing and it was HUGE, I got lamb chops and it was amazing - luckily I was hungry and I just ate every piece of it. The portions were definitely big. Th food was amazing and there was definitely Italian mobs in the building.

After dinner with ECM, we decided to hit up the Clickbooth party. I wanted to hit the Epic party first then head to Clickbooth but the time was not on our side and dinner lasted fairly long. So we just headed over to the Clickbooth party and I just hanged out with Graham for a bit until a bunch more people decided to come. I met up with Riley and Sam and we definitely had fun.

After the Clickbooth party, everyone is inviting me to other parties, but since I had to be in Chicago the next day - I just hung out at the Clickbooth party for a bit. Once it started dispersing out, I left.

Adtech was a great show! More pictures at my Facebook page.


Ian Fernando
Involved in the internet space since 2002 and have been through the ups and downs of this online industry. I am a traveling digital nomad, media buyer, online strategist, and many more online titles.

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