Adwords for Free?! My Research

By Ian Fernando

As you know there is a lot of talk about Google Ads for Free. There are so many programs out there and vouchers that can give you Google Adwords for free, but they are limited. Yet, so many marketers out there say that Google Adwords is the best way to earn income. Yes I agree, promote affiliate instead of your sites. Bring the end user to the landing page with the high hopes they buy, usually its only 2% conversion. You need a lot of clicks!!! 

Well now I cam across Google Ads for Free a couple days ago and I came across another one called Adwords Voucher. Both landing page discuss the same thing, STOP PAYING Google for Ads.

I was curios since one cost $67 and another cost only $7. I decided to do a little research on both products and see which provided more insight and more use. Dollar amounts do matter but is the quality of the product good, $67 is pretty hefty and $7 sounds real good! Do they produce the same outcome?

Intro to Google Ads for Free

This manual is produce by Jon Cohen, who says last year he was able to profit an extra "$26.7 million by eliminating ALL of my pay-per-click advertising because I used my own ?secret? which allows me to do away forever with the burden of costs of targeted PPC ads."

The sales letter does not even look like a sales letter at all, more like a website. Since it does have buttons and has a touch of interaction to it.

Now my research, enter Google! I love Google, it provide great search quality.

Here is a small entry from a blog post that has actually bought the product:

"Yes, because it does explain how you can make your Google advertising effectively free. The book does do what it promises. It actually does quite a lot more than it promises because the 'secret' that you are buying it for could be explained in a couple of pages, and yet Get Google Ads Free runs to 85!"

He goes on saying:

"The secret strategy is revealed in the very first section of the book. After that the book expands on the basic idea and gives practical tips for putting the secret to work for list building, making money without selling a product, using the secret with newsletters and so on."

Then after a weeks review and working with the eBook he states:

"Having thought it through I now think that the core idea - which is to place banner-type ads on the landing pages that your AdWords campaigns point to - to offset the AdWords costs - is unlikely to be workable. I'd even say that, on reflection, I think the sales page is deceptive because it effectively states that your advertising will be free. This method does not create free advertising. It attempts to create a separate revenue stream that may or may not offset your advertising costs. A very different thing."

- KickStart Daily

Jon Cohen ends his sales letter saying:

How I beat the problem of having to pay Google, Yahoo, MSN and every other search engine to make an extra $26.7 Million last year with PPC marketing ? but FREE

This item became very popular that it is categorized in eBay as a classified ads and it?s all over Craig list.

Intro to Adwords Voucher

"Who Else Want To Learn How To Get Unlimited Adwords Credit"

That is what is shouted out at you when you first load this webpage, there is a kinda different approach to this person sales letter than Jon Cohen, it?s a bit more personal I think. Though Google Ads for Free has a personal touch to it as well, it seems Adwords Voucher had a more touchy feel to it, maybe I am just crazy.

"?Days after days, months after months and clicks after clicks, I was still waiting to see my first sales from my affiliated webhosting company but at the end of the period, I saw plenty of clicks but I made no sales! And guess what that means, I actually paid thousands of cold-hard cash to Google and got nothing in return in the end!"

Near the middle of the page he states:

"But then again, the same problem for PPC lies there again. The keywords are not cheap at all even though it's from some rare keywords and it's obvious that the PPC cost will not able to cover it."

Now I have done more research on this because its $7 what makes this so different, and its funny, I usually do research in forums and I found this:

"Each coupon gives you ?30 credit to your Google Adwords Account. I sell it only 5 $. i have got 20 vouchers. payment: paypal if you interest pm or msn address is on my profile"

- Digitalpoint

There are others out there that sell vouchers for dirt cheap! But it only limits you to $25 or $30 etc, you have a limit, with Adwords Voucher you get UNLIMITED from the author of the manual.

Now for $7 I personally just bought the Adwords Voucher, and I have finished reading the manual and it provided some good information, you really are not getting the voucher from the author personally, but ?.

My end result is comparing price now $67 vs $7 which provide more information? Which actually works? $67 was a little too much for me to purchase even if I did buy it under my clickbank name I still wouldn?t purchase the ebook.

But from my reading Adwords Voucher seems more reasonable for the price, again I wish I can talk about Get Google Ads Free but $67 was hefty. But reading from KickStart Daily, it seems that he enjoyed the book when he bought but gave it a negative feedback and returned it after some days.

First take a look at the sales page and do your comparison, one sales page is far better than the other, and converts more. Again it?s about your curiosity.

Ian Fernando
Involved in the internet space since 2002 and have been through the ups and downs of this online industry. I am a traveling digital nomad, media buyer, online strategist, and many more online titles.

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