Affiliate Industry Has Been Shakened But NOT Skerred!

By Ian Fernando

Thinking about where I started in the affiliate marketing space and to where I am now, a lot of shit has happened and changed. Currently our industry is going through a phase and it is amazing how fast as affiliate marketers change their plans and how they react. With the FTC, Google Laws, Facebook changes, and networks not paying out - it seems we are getting a bit scarred with what is happening within our industry.

There has been a drop of ads in the continuity space. Literally every site I was on I saw a continuity ad for weight loss or teeth whitening. Currently affiliates are now weary of what network to do traffic with and what advertiser to trust. So many things has change that most affiliates has jumped ship,.

The big benefit to this is the real marketers are changing their business around. Focusing on their own marketing and expanding or expanding out of the continuity space and marketing the traditional dating ads and financial offers.

Affiliate marketers are one of the most versatile marketers out because we can change how we do business. Affiliate marketing gives us the tools and backbone to really know how to market online. We adjust so rapidly to change, every time Google shuts down one of our ads, we automatically go and figure out the reason and adjust.

If traffic drops or conversions drop, we go a head and test out a new landing page or ad copy. Our train of thought within the online space is so powerful, no wonder we as marketers are the most sought after people online and offline. With our industry dramatically changing a lot of affiliates, pub managers, networks, are also changing the way they do thing.

As affiliates we aren't scarred of change, we learn to adjust our business and the way we do it. For example, my business is changing and I jumped into multiple aspects of marketing to expand my internet marketing and make it more versatile. Affiliate marketing teaches a person to market and understand the online space.

We are not just users who JV with people and try to get people to advertise for us, we know how to advertise, reason why we are on the top of the marketing chain when it comes to online marketing.

I love this space a lot because it definitely grew who I am and how I market my own products. I do not have to depend on people, when I can market my own product myself.

So even though the affiliate marketing space is drastically changing, surviving networks are still in the space doing what they do best, provide quality offers to their publishers. Affiliates are now expanding into different realms of marketing online and diversifying their offers and design of their landing pages. We are also expanding learning new traffic sources everyday and testing multiple times over.

Most affiliates are underground affiliates and are successful because they know affiliate marketing is always changing and we are always a step a head of what may and what will be. As an affiliate marketer myself I see the changes but I am not worried what it will do to my business.

It is about understanding what the new rules can do to you and thinking of ways to adjust to it. The FTC issue came about and we worried enough to take care of ourselves. Shady advertisers stop paying networks and put them in bankrupt while smaller networks got bought out or stop being profitable. Trustworthy networks and non shady ones are still standing strong because they understand the changes that has been happening.

I remember telling someone in a video interview, that this is what is going to happen - change is coming and it is changing for the good of our industry.

Ian Fernando
Involved in the internet space since 2002 and have been through the ups and downs of this online industry. I am a traveling digital nomad, media buyer, online strategist, and many more online titles.

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